EVA Air A321-200 (New Livery)

Guys, since we already have the old EVA A321 livery, I think we should have the new livery that looks more modern and clean.
Old Livery:
New Livery



Could I have a picture of the new livery? Or if that is then the old one?

Google.com is your best friend 🙂

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Please only one picture per feature request! If you wish to show multiple pictures, then please crop them together.

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Although this might be a good request but we might also need more liveries for the a321! But I wouldn’t say this livery request is bad! Love it!

Before requesting a Livery, please search for the same topics so it’s not a duplicate, although it is old, PM a mod so they can close it before making a new topic :)

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Keep this open. Other one was 2yrs old


Here it says that this topic will automatically close 3 months after the last reply.

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