EVA Air 777-300ER Hello Kitty Livery

People have requested for Eva Air livery on the 777-300ER, but no one has requested for the Hello Kitty version!

I’ve actually been on it, the interior is all Hello Kitty decked out. The head rests are even pink…


Although I don’t like Hello Kitty, I like the livery


Psst, 1 photo per feature request

Oops forgot about that

Only small Girls Can fly that, not looking to make IF as a Kindergarden


I kind of wish I hadn’t gone on it. I have pictures somewhere…

HATE IT! So crowded! Looks like the amazon with Hello Kitty dolls as trees. YUCK

My sister would fly this…LOL


Hahaha that’s true

Haha, nice livery!

This livery is something else… really.


I would definitely fly this on the casual server

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This would go well with one of the ANA Pokémon planes.

Lol yes. Also, how did I go all this time without realizing I had a typo in the title?

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I actually do like the livery, but in reality, HATE Hello Kitty. Would rant, but not gonna :)

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OMG did you take that picture?

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No, found it on the internet.

If I did, I would run and scream on my way out. :)

LOL. Slowly dying of laughter rn

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