EVA Air 747-400 Landing at VMMC

Saw it on Flightradar and immediately rushed to my balcony to get it!


Nice video!

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Wow nice video

wow! you live right next to the airport! nice!

Is that your house or a hotel? Anyways nice catch!

Uhhhhh i wish i lived that close to a airport :(


It’s my house :) In other towers you can see the whole apron!

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Wow your house is one of the coolest houses in the world

Lol well it’s not really a house, it’s an apartment. A 747 here is pretty rare, but maybe once a year we’ll get some AN124s. EVA Air usually sends their A321s, but sometimes the A332, 77W or even 744.

Oh okay An-124 will be really cool to see. It’s still a cool apartment.

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