EVA 777 Followed The Wrong Taxiway Before Hitting A Pole.

On the 2nd December 2017 an EVA Air 777 struck a Lighting Pole After taking a wrong taxiway at Toronto to depart heading for Taipei, The Transport Safety Board of Canada is Investigating into this incident.

Transportation Safety Board of Canada says the aircraft had been cleared to taxi to runway 33R after de-icing, via taxiways V, E and D.

While passing through a pad on the airport’s main de-icing facility, the 777 followed the southern taxi line marked ‘1S’ rather than the central line ‘1C’. The two are parallel and separated by around 30m.

As a result the aircraft’s right wing struck two light poles, one of which broke off at its base and fell.

The 777 (B-16718) sustained substantial damage to the leading edge of its wing and outboard slats.

No fuel leak or fire occurred and none of the 240 passengers and 22 crew members was injured.

Credits to: Flight Global.


Do you have a link to this source? Or a couple of pictures?


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Hmm, this incident reminds me of close-call of one of EVA’s Boeing 777 in Los Angeles several months ago. I think EVA Air should do an evaluation and hopefully better training for the crews (Especially in terms of Pilot’s awareness) hopefully after these 2 incidents. So hopefully these incidents can be avoided in the future 😊


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