Eurowings Virtual Official Thread • Flying Back Into The Game •

Welcome to the official Eurowings Virtual thread

We are pleased to announce that we are IFVARB Approved!


Who are we?

We are a relatively large newly transformed budget carrier in Europe. We offer flights too many locations across the globe, although our main focus are short haul flights across Europe. Our goal within Infinite Flight is to become a hub of success and place where people can really thrive and feel as if they have achieved. Not only this we hope to provide a sense of community amongst one another to ensure each and every member feels welcome.

“Its Is a huge pleasure being the CEO of such a great thing. I really enjoy everything I do for this Virtual Airline and I always feel the same sense of satisfaction knowing that all of my members are enjoying it as much as I am.”

Our Rank Structure

Rank Structure

Our staff

Chief Executive Officer: @Alfiebc2003

Creator and Founder • Responsible for the running of the VA

Chief Operations Officer: @Lewis_Lelej

Helps with the day to day runnings of the VA. Focusses mainly on the staffing aspect and helps promote the VA

“Hiya, I’m Lewis and i’m COO for Eurowings Virtual. As staff at Eurowings I love being able to take my passion of aviation one step closer to realism. With me working at the VA i’ve been able to see what goes into all the behind the scenes and trust me when I say joining Eurowings is definitely top spot! Having so many new pilots come into the airline each week is amazing and being able to see your community grow more and more is just so amazing to know the hard work pays of with seeing so many happy pilots!”

Events Manager: @999aviation

“I am Sam and this is a bit about how I love working at Eurowings Virtual! I work as the events manager and I do the ‘routes - of - the - week’ too! The reason I went for this job is because I love making events in different places! And doing route - of - the - week is enjoyable too!
The reason why I love Eurowings Virtual is because it’s a calm and friendly virtual airline! My fellow staff members are very nice and funny and enjoyable to work with!
I am sure that all of us at Eurowings Virtual welcome all pilots!”

Our Codeshares:

We currently have a large amount of routes from the following codeshares. Each codeshare allows us to pretty much access all four corners of the globe from a select few centralised bases in Europe. Not only this but we have the wonderful Hawaii Hopper flights from United which are a great way to experience the amazing views Hawaii has to offer.

We are incredibly thankful to all the other VA’s who have formed a codeshare agreement with us and we hope you enjoy flying with them as much as we do!






Join today


Application form

On behalf of all of the staff here at Eurowings we wish to see you in the near future.

Happy Flying!


Awesome Thread! I wish the VA total success!


Nice Thread!

Seems like a very cool VA, GoodLuck!


Very happy to be in the VA!


All the best of Luck to you guys :)!


Best of luck to Eurowings Virtual, see you in the skies!


very nice thread @EurowingsVirtual glad to have codeshare with you!


CEO of Austrian


Thank you. It is much appreciated 😊

Thank you! 😁

Glad to have you! 😃

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Eurowings Virtual needs YOU’RE help… Do YOU have what it takes?

Eurowings Virtual Are Hiring Once Again - Do YOU Have What It Takes?

If you would like to join Eurowings virtual as VA staff, please message us here.
We advise that you apply for a pilot’s position first.


  • You must be at least 14 years of age.

  • You must be grade 3 in Infinite Flight or above.

  • You must be active in the community and in our VA.

  • You must be able to join our VA discord.


CEO: @Lewis_Lelej

COO: Two Spots Available - Help with day to day runnings of the VA.

Events Manager: @999aviation (May be changed)

Recruitment Manager: In charge of recruiting new pilots to join our VA.

Route Manager: In charge of creating new and requested routes and bases for the VA.

With Lots of Codeshares to come and already on offer there’s always somewhere new to fly with us! With some big partnerships with Non-Stop Virtual and Jet2, and smaller Codeshares with LOT, Qatar, ANA, Asiana and a whole lot more greatness!! We can’t wait to see some new members of staff!

If your Interested in joining Eurowings Virtual as a pilot please follow the link below to our website where you can apply!

Kind Regards,

Lewis Lelej - CEO - Eurowings Virtual


Event Time!!!

Our second Eurowings virtual; event is coming soon! Partnering with @easyJetVirtual, we are hopefully going to be holding one of the largest German fly-out’s! We hope to see many of you there!
Eurowings Virtual Events Manager

Welcome to our destination

Hello everyone. It comes with great regret that from tomorrow at 00:00Z, Eurowings Virtual will be closing down. Sadly, similar to other VA’s, activity has been low and we’ve been trying everything. It isn’t fun to manage a VA when the activity is this low for many months on end. It’s sad to see 3 VA’s go in a short period but some things have to end eventually and sadly that is the case here.
We can’t wait to see another Eurowings Virtual pick up from where we left off with lots of new ideas!
So for the very last time,

We wish all our pilots a pleasant journey onward to their final destinations.


VA shut down.