Eurowings (TuiFly) 737-800 livery

Hello everyone,

I think that the Eurowings 738 livery would be a great addition to the 737 fleet in IF. (The flights are operated by TuiFly)

Credits: Christian Schürmann
Tell me what you guys think and
stay safe everyone!

p.s. mods feel free to close it when it’s duplicate but I didn’t found one

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I would when I have one left let me see if I can clear a vote
Thanks though

This jet does look great for sure (saw it IRL so I must know ;) ).

These aircrafts are operated by TUIfly and I think the lease agreement ended, but the EW livery just looks great!

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Yeah you are right I’ll add that:)

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Wow I never saw a Eurowings B738 before. It’s like showing me a picture of a RyanAir A321. I thought it’s edited 😅 Unfortunately I don’t have votes left

I love Eurowings, and I love the 737! Definitely vote!

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Beautiful livery and plane 🤩

Eurowings needs this livery