Eurowings Discover Airbus A320-200

Image Source: Photo by Radim Koblížka

Aircraft Information

Type Airbus A320-214(WL)
Total 5
Cruising Speed 830 km/h
Max. takeoff weight 77,000 kg
Range* 4,000 km
Seats 174

Source: Lufthansa Group - Fleet

About the A320 family

The Airbus A320 family are narrow-body airliners developed and produced by Airbus. The A320 was launched in March 1984, first flew on 22 February 1987, and was introduced in April 1988 by Air France. The first member of the family was followed by the longer A321 (first delivered in January 1994), the shorter A319 (April 1996), and the even shorter A318 (July 2003). Final assembly takes place in Toulouse in France; Hamburg in Germany; Tianjin in China since 2009; and in Mobile, Alabama in the United States since April 2016. […]

The family pioneered the use of digital fly-by-wire and side-stick flight controls in airliners. […]

In December 2010, Airbus announced the re-engined A320neo (new engine option), which entered service with Lufthansa in January 2016. With more efficient turbofans and improvements including sharklets, it offers up to 15% better fuel economy. Earlier A320s are now called A320ceo (current engine option). […]

Source: Wikipedia - Airbus A320 Family

About Eurowings Discover

Eurowings Discover is a German airline headquartered in Frankfurt. It is owned by the Lufthansa Group and mainly serves long-haul leisure destinations.

Eurowings Discover started operations on 24 July 2021, flying from Frankfurt to Mombasa and Zanzibar with A330, having obtained its air operator’s certificate. It is considered to be the main competitor of German leisure carrier Condor which serves several of the routes Eurowings Discover will also take up.

The carrier has already expanded its network to Punta Cana, Windhoek and Victoria Falls. Later in 2021 Eurowings Discover added flights to Las Vegas, Mauritius, Bridgetown, Montego Bay, Varadero, Canary Islands, Egypt, and Morocco. The fleet is supposed to grow to 10 A320s and 11 A330s by mid 2022.

In September 2021, Lufthansa announced it would move responsibility for several mid-haul leisure routes to Eurowings Discover. It based three Airbus A320-200s in Frankfurt serving five destinations on the Canary Islands in late 2021.

Source: Wikipedia - Eurowings Discover

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What do you think about this livery?

Here is the livery from another angle:




Awesome Livery! ☺️


so did anyone think that Infinite Flight should also add Eurowings Discover Livery for A330-300?


You can vote for it here: Eurowings Discover A330-300

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But it is been limited for some reason

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With your current TL2 you can only vote for 10 feature requests.

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Beautiful livery, cleared up a vote for this ;)


So beautiful we really need this in the sim! Would open so many new routes in Europe! ✈️😁


All 320ceo liveries with mask should be voted


Yes, masks are so beautiful and they fit this livery just perfectly.


Airbus A320-214 D-AIUW

Image Credit: Axel J. (


Euro wings Discover added a direct route from FRA-SLC on their A330. I think the livery looks beautiful!


There is no Eurowings Discovery livery in the game would love to see it in IF


I hope more guys will vote this please we need it in IF. Guys please vote for it


The A330 has been confirmed about a month ago: Eurowings Discover A330-300


I know still I hope also the a320 livery will come, but of course I am also happy about the A333


Is Eurowings any good IRL?
I’ve never flown on it. But I want to sometime.


I would recommend you to try it, I’m from Germany so I use it quite often for flying and until now the price is good, comfort , Crew etc. were really good