Eurowings Discover A330-300

Eurowings Discover is a german airline and part of the Lufthansa Group. Originally started under the project name Ocean, tourist flights are offered on short, medium and long - haul routes.

At the end of February 2021, Lufthansa published the long-term goals of the new company. For the time being, these are to be approached from Frankfurt Airport. There are plans to fly to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, three times a week. Mombasa in Kenya is to be served twice a week, with onward flights to Zanzibar in Tanzania. Anchorage in Alaska will be offered three times a week for the first time in June. The takeover of the Eurowings-Lufthansa route between Frankfurt and Windhoek in Namibia is planned for August 2021.

There are 4 aircrafts in total in at the moment.

2 - Airbus A330-200 formerly from Sunexpress Deuschland

2 - Airbus A330-300 leased from Edelweiss Air

According to the current planning status (June 17, 2021), the fleet is made up as follows: The first aircraft in the new livery was presented at the end of April 2021. Growth to a fleet of 21 aircraft is planned by mid-2022, with all aircraft coming from the Lufthansa Group’s fleet pool.

Here is a Picture of Eurowings Discover A330-300:

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Fantastic, I hope they will add, but at the same is missing a320eldwiss or OmanAir a330, a320airberlin, b737 malta air

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Don’t forget the Lufthansa A321. :-)

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I have a #real-world-aviation topic about Eurowings Discover, and if I remember correctly, it should have some of the routes they would fly. Could I link it for you?

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Love the Livery. :-) We need this livery.


Check this out:

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Oh my, looks like an A330neo with the black mask on the front

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They just recieved the 300 variant, WE NEED THIS! so many intresting destinations