Eurowings Airbus A320-200

Credits to here 😊. Thanks to Marvin Knitl for capturing this awesome picture!

About Eurowings

Eurowings GmbH is a German airline headquartered in Düsseldorf and a fully owned subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group. It serves a network of domestic and European destinations as well as some long-haul routes and maintains bases at Berlin Tegel Airport, Cologne Bonn Airport, Düsseldorf Airport, Hamburg Airport, and Vienna International Airport.

Eurowings has gone through a major transformation in recent years. It was part of Lufthansa Regional until October 2014. At that time it began operating on behalf of Germanwings within their network. Since spring 2015, Eurowings has been redeveloped into a low-cost carrier for short- and long-haul flights. By October 2015, it had also started to incorporate Germanwings’ route network as part of the merger of the two brands.

Source to Wikipedia

Eurowings’ Fleet

Eurowings’ active fleets consists of 61 aircrafts with a mix of Airbus and Boeing fleets. Divided as

  • 11 Airbus A319-100
  • 43 Airbus A320-200 (With aircrafts leased from Air Berlin)
  • 6 Airbus A330-200 (Operated by SunExpress Deutschland)
  • 1 Boeing 737-800 (Operated by SunExpress Deutschland)

Source to Airfleets and Wikipedia

About Airbus A320-200

In July 2014, the Lufthansa Group announced that Eurowings would replace its 23 Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft with 23 Airbus A320s. Ten of the A320s would be new orders, and 13 would be transferred from Lufthansa Group orders between February 2015 and March 2017.

On 1 February 2015, Eurowings started operating the Airbus A320-200, after taking delivery of its first on 20 January, which was received from Lufthansa and repainted in Eurowings’ new livery. This and further A320s would be operated on behalf of Germanwings for most of 2015, until Lufthansa consolidated its low-cost operations under the new Eurowings brand by end of that year.

The first Airbus A320-200 delivered to Eurowings was D-AIZQ. The plane had it’s first flight on 26/02/2013 (4.4 years old as August 2017) with Serial number as 5497 and equipped with 2 CFMI CFM56-5B4/P engines. The plane was delivered to Lufthansa at 07/03/2013 as D-AIZQ before being stored at January 2015 and transferred to Eurowings at 20/01/2015 using the same registration

The plane’s configuration has

  • 174 Economy Seats

Source to Wikipedia and Airfleets

About D-AEWW

The plane had it’s first flight in 15/03/2017 as D-AYBQ (0.4 years old as August 2017) with serial number 7615 and equipped with 2 CFMI CFM56-5B4/P engines. The plane was delivered fresh to Eurowings at 24/03/2017.

The plane configuration has

  • 189 Economy Seats

Source to Airfleets

I would love to see Eurowings’ A320-200 livery on Infinite Flight as this would be an interesting addition especially if you want to fly from Germany airports to other parts of Europe. Share your opinion and thoughts here 😊

I love the Eurowings liveries, they are really nice and would fit in perfectly with global, sadly, I am out of votes :(


Thank you George for making this kind of feature requests, your style is exemplary.

The Eurowings livery looks very nice in the A320, will be great to have it!


The Eurowings livery would also be nice on the a330 in addition to this.


This livery looks really gorgeous! Except I’m out of votes.😑


Got my vote! I love Eurowings’ livery


It is great how you give us proper information about each aircraft that you request , also nice livery !


I love the Eurowings livery❤🔥😍


I agree, Eurowings would be fantastic given their short and long haul services from Europe


I would love to see this prior Global :)


bump this is just outstanding relly love the modern textures on this airline and its really big in europe i want this for global soon as possible voted of corse hope you guys do the samethis is really needed

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This livery needs more votes! :) Hope to see it soon in Infinite Flight


Have no more vote :(
sexy livery


Nice livery, would be awesome to have, as they’re getting more and more popular :)


Always for new liveries

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Would be nice to see this livery as well as the Germanwings livery. Great for hops around Europe.

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Delta A321 already confirmed by request, hope this will the next


Yeah I‘d love to see this livery in IF

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Eurowings is slowly becoming a bigger vector in several destinations of europe. I think i could fly a lot with this one while doing some RWA european flights on the expert server. I will vote!!


I agree I would love see it being added to the livery fleet I use this aircraft very often.

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