Eurowings A340-300


Eurowings was founded in 1993, in Düsseldorf. In 2011, Lufthansa took full ownership of Eurowings. Eurowings now has a fleet of 118 aircraft and serves 210 destinations. It is part of “Miles and More” and the “Boomerang Club”.

The A340-300

The A340-300 can carry a crew of 8 and 440 passengers at a top speed of 494 knots, with a range of 7,397 NM and a service ceiling of 41,450 feet.
It is 63M long and has a wing span of 60M.


What do you think?

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Where is the middle gear in that photo of A343?

Wait… what? you’re right!

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I really like the Eurowings livery! It suits the A343 really well. However, I have no votes, but you have my full support!

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already retracted

I see the middle gear though

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People which are confused about the messages above saying

the original photo which was posted(before being updated) was an a343 landing or taking off and magically had no middle gear. Was quite odd

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Eurowings A340 would look good

You definitely have my vote I love the Eurowings livery’s and I wish it was on the a330 to but it isn’t sadly but this has my vote for sure thanks for this topic

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