Eurowings A330-300

                           The Eurowings A330-300

Eurowings is a subsidiary of Lufthansa. Eurowings mainly offers flights to holiday destinations. The short-haul routes are mainly flown with the A319 and A320. They flew their medium and long distances with the A330. It would be so nice. To have A330 in Infinite Flight, because with Eurowings you can also fly to e.g. Mauritius, Punta Cana, Las Vegas and much more.

I hope you find the A330 as beautiful as I do,

If there is already a topic please tell me:)

I‘m pretty sure this livery would come with the A330 rework. But who knows when and if it will come 🙂

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That is the A330-200 Eurowings. This aircraft does not exist in Infinite Flight :)

They’d have to add the A332 first…

Actually, that’s an A330-200 request, as stated by @Jan_W. This one should stay open. :]

Yes, but there are A320NEO livery requests without the A320NEO in IF. :)

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Isn’t the livery on the -200 and -300 the same? Anyway, if there should be a small update to the A330 (-200 or -300) there should definitely be this livery 😉

This is a really nice livery. I hope to see it in game!

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No it is not its like the A350-900 and A350-1000.

It’s a nice livery I hope it’s added

We already have the A330-300 in the game. We only need the livery. This is different from the A330-200 :)