Eurowhite: A livery trend of the 2020's?

Eurowhite, whether you absolutely love it or you absolutely hate it we all know that by now it is becoming an industry trend when you take a look at airline liveries. With the plane a solid white and a little bit of color on the tail. But, is it a good thing? What are some of the benefits? Who started it?

Let’s have some background on Eurowhite. What is Eurowhite? Well, this is a type of livery which is now being commonly used by airlines, it usually consists of the following aspects: It consists almost entirely of a aircraft which is painted white with either a solid color or a company logo on the tail of the aircraft which wraps down the back of the fuselage.

You see, there are some reasons why Eurowhite is good for airlines. It revolves around this little unheard thing called money. The mostly white that is found on the plane helps to reflect heat off of it and helps with keeping the temperature cool and then the AC doesn’t need to run as much which save airlines money. Another thing with the white paint is that white paint is very light, this means that the weight from the paint on the aircraft is lower, this means the engines don’t mean to run at as high settings which saves fuel which saves…you guessed it, money.

Now to another question, who started it? Well, you see there was this airline called Union de Transports Aeriens (UTA) this french airline adopted a livery in the year 1973 when they received one of their first McDonnell Douglas DC-10’s. However, to show you how relatable it looks compared to today I’m going to take one from one of their Boeing 747-400’s, this is the same livery that they originally adopted back in 1973.

I mean just look at it! Except for the green doors and the little bit of a grey underbelly, that looks like if that flew in today to any airport it would fit in with the current trend of Eurowhite we see here in 2020.

However, in 1992 UTA merged into Air France and along with that so did possibly the first ever Eurowhite Livery.

Finally, I want to finish with a compilation of Eurowhite livery’s to show everyone how similar it has become. So let’s get started here with picture number 1, Lufthansa.

Next we have Aer Lingus

Here we have Qantas

(Airline Geeks)
Now this is Iberia’s livery
Next we have Aegean with a brand new livery

(Aircraft compare)
Now we have Aeroflot

Coming up we have SAS

Followed by Air France

(ANAC Gabon)
Finally we have Air Transat

(Airways Mag)

So that’s Eurowhite, after finishing this I have come up with some questions. How many more of these liveries will see in the future? Is this what we will see flying in our skies throughout the next decade? Will any change of the Eurowhite come? Who knows what the future holds for aircraft liveries.


I believe Eurowhite is used because it’s more expensive to use more colors. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.



Start-up airlines are getting creative and are generally avoiding the Eurowhite trend, such as these start-ups announced in 2020:

Breeze Airways:

(Image by pandabeting)

Air Corail:




Some airlines will go for Eurowhite liveries simply because it’s cheaper. They’ll always be in the sky, but not every airline will change their liveries to Eurowhite.


I really like the Air Corial livery. It kind looks like that Hifly A380 Corals Reefs livery but on a C series


What happened to creativity? What happened to character? I guess that those are too overrated nowadays and they’re not important. “Hey, I’ll make my new livery look exactly like everyone else’s!” Now that’s creative. No? Well you’re right, having a fully white plane with red on the tail instead of green isn’t too creative in my opinion.

Well you know generic when you see it, and eurowhite is the definition of generic. It’s extremely hard to make eurowhite liveries look the slightest bit creative, and when they do, they’re still hideous and bland. No character whatsoever.

And it’s disappointing to see more and more airlines adopting eurowhite liveries.


I mean it really depends, some liveries wear it really well and others just look too bland.

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I actually like eurowhite livery’s (If done right)

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Honestly, the most creative Eurowhite livery is Westjet’s mostly because of its logo.
(International Flight Network)


Another 2 Eurowhites.


Does Austrian Count?

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Big company name at Front? Check
Mostly White Fuselage? Check
Solid Tail Color(s) with logo? Check

Yep, i’d say so


This is not a eurowhite 😂

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Now that is just…white.

But its not Eurowhite so It passes

what about United’s new livery? The blue engines help a little bit 🤷‍♂️, as well as the gray underbelly. Is it still bland though?

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Overall finding most of these liveries boring, its done for profitablity. White aircraft are cheaper to paint and also fly faster due to the sun

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Grey at the bottom sadly doesnt make it eurowhite

United luckily can be taken out of Eurowhite becuase there is some grey on the underbelly and the Blue swoop in the middle along with the blue engines

Air France was also one of the first to use eurowhites in the 70s

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The old KLM Cityhopper livery could be used but the name isn’t that big

Here is the reason why bud. The only reason why planes are not all white because then the plane would look better with a eurowhite livery.