European VA’s


Today I am looking for any VA’s to join that are in Europe other then NSV, EZYVA and TKVA. Thanks!

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Feel free to take a look through the IFVARB Database where all listed VA/VO should be active and have their hub of operations listed. I’m sure there are plenty of VA/VOs based in Europe.

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Thank you!

As mentioned well by @LordWizrak, there is plenty of VA/VO’s in Europe to join. I’m also sure there is plenty of those VA/VO’s who are looking for new pilots like you, passionated but also VA/VO’s all around the world.

I wish you a good luck in your research and in your future VA/VO’s adventure!

Here is a little fact, all the VA/VO’s are good, don’t be afraid to join littler VA/VO’s ;)


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