European Real-World Flight Plans & Charts

Hey IFC! I was wondering if there is a way to find real-world flight plans for European routes, or just any region of the world. On it doesn’t show the routing, and I want to be realistic and use the exact same routing. For charts I usually use but it doesn’t show charts in any other country other than the USA. Is there a free website that shows this information? Is there anyway you can help me? Thanks!

Does anyone have an answer?

IK, there is a way to get the flight plan through FR24, i dont know how though is pretty good. You need a vatsim account though.

Alright and does that provide real-world routes for at least Europe?

yea, for anyflight on flight radar

How do you do that? I am not sure how to find the flight plan.

yea, i said idk how, there is topics about it im sure

Have you tried ForeFlight? I don´t know for EU but at least for USA and México it shows the FPL.

Foreflight costs a lot of money. Also, I am looking to see the real-world airlines flight plans.

for me i just ask my dad but for you there’s a little section when you click on a past flight in it will be on the right near the bottom, just hit “decode” and it should give you the flight plan

Simbrief normally shows realistic routings for the regions you fly out of/into. For Europe, Simbrief does use eurocontrol approved routes so that can satisfy your realistic requirement.

As LuckyRC said, chartfox with a VATSIM account is quite not bad for extra realisim to ensure you follow the restrictions assosciated with your route. An alternative, though you would have to pay money for it (against what you were aiming for, but just presenting it as an alternative option in case you cannot make a VATSIM account), is navigraph. It provides jeppesen charts for all airports around the world. You can read more about them on their website.


My personal favourite tool is

While it needs a free of charge registration it offers several options including the airframe performance to take into acount.

If you want to get real world charts including those for the airports chart sets there is no way around the official ones:

EAD Eurocontrol eAIP

Requires a free of charge registration as well and has all official charts of commercial airports.
For military and general aviation airfields there is no single place.

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Wrong, it does. Lookup the flight you wanna do and scroll the the bottom and you’ll see a window like this: once you see it copy and paste it into infinite flight. I use it all the time and it works amazing.

Not for European flights it doesn’t. It’s hidden information for security reasons.

Considering it’s free, simbrief is unarguably the best option in my opinion.

As for charts, in Europe that’s a tricky one. Most countries have their AIPs publicly available, but they’re usually in the local language which is problematic.

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The EAD Page has all charts and text documents in English for all European Union countries and some more.
For most European countries national eAIP the do are bilingual with English,I have seen any European eAIP that wasn’t English or bilingual with English.

The Greek one didn’t use to be, but this was a few years back now.

Appreciate the input 👍🏼


That is what i use for real life flight FPLs. Some things don’t copy over, such as the approach procedures. The procedures have the same names on the flightaware as IF does, so just a matter of manually inserting them

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I take it by ‘European flight’ that it means inter-European ones are hidden, since i am able to see KPDX-EHAM’s flight plan, which is to Europe from the states, whereas EGLL-EHAM is hidden