European Military Aircraft

Hey all,

I would love if we had some more RAF and NATO military hardware implemented into the game! Examples would include the:

Eurofighter Typhoon
King Air (RAF Training Aircraft)
E3D Surveillance Aircraft

Comment below any other NATO and RAF aircraft you would want implementing and i may add it to the list for you!

Yeah it would be nice to have european hardware in the game

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I agree! For some reason IF has strayed to american hardware with the military side of things!

The only item we have is the RNAF Tanker!

@callum5124 when you do a feature request, please only request one aircraft. While I understand what you want, just choose one :)

Also do a search before requesting:


Remember, one aircraft/item per request. There will be some exceptions, but this is not one of them. Vote for the links above to get them more noticed around the community, and if you want, add a good, constructive comment there on why you want them added into Infinite Flight.



Yep sorry it is just i dont want a single aircraft i want a series!

It is like saying to somebody asking for the A340 family and telling them they have to choose only one!

Sorry i get your point! I will consider next time!

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Adding on to Matt, please review the #features category’s guidelines before making another request, and make sure you Search before posting so we can avoid making duplicate post’s.

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This is not a series of aircraft. This is a list of different models, and manufacturers.

@callum5124 See @Chief305’s post above…

Yep sorry all!

I will consider next time as this is my first features topic!

What shall i do then?

Make one for each of the above? NO That will clog the category! So whats shall i do

You can close!!!

I will make a different one!