European Aviation Charge

Having just read the Article Attached Below, i thought i might aswell share it with you guys.

I’ll give a brief summary to save you guys from reading the whole article from Forbes.

In this Article the Ministers of Finance of the Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark and Bulgaria want a tax to neutralize the environmental damages of aviation.

To Counter the Increased the Co2 Emissions given out by the ever increasing aviation industry the plan is enforce the now ‘Optional’ Carbon Offset Charge that Certain Airlines.

The Charge would be compulsory in the following countries-

Below is a Joint Statement from the Ministers

“We believe that more coordination on pricing of negative externalities of aviation could ensure that the polluter pays a fairer price for the use of aviation transport,” the statement says. “We therefore call upon the incoming European Commission to bring the debate on aviation pricing, e.g. in the form of aviation taxation or similar policies a step further, while taking into consideration existing effective national systems and policies, the competitiveness of the sector’s concerns, the geographical position and the development of the transport infrastructure in member states.”

Please have a read of the article below :) In a world where we are becoming increasing aware of the harm we cause to the Planet we live on, it is interesting to see.


Allow me to point out the fact that aviation accounts for only 2% of total carbon emissions. Why does the EU always make decisions like this?

cough cough article 13


Because like most times, public opinion takes over common sense.

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Article 13 much? That public opinion was still horrible.

But they did it anyway

We have had Co2 tax on flights since 2016 here in Norway. We are not part of the European Union.
75 Norwegian Crowns (€ 7,50) per passenger for distance up to 2500 km and 200 Norwegian Crowns (€20) for longer flights.

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They want to tax it to match with other means of transport stating that train companies for example get taxed on the energy they use, so in that logic kerosene should also be taxed?

On the other side, from airlines perspectives, it’d be more effective to spend this money on reaserch for neutral fuels

EU could start with excluding bio fuels based on palm oil like we do here. And ban palm oil from use in food etc.

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Exactly and how is palm oil a bio fuel it damages the environment more than it does save it

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In 2018, 65% of all the palm oil imported into the EU was used for energy. More than half of it (53%) of all palm imports was used to make biodiesel for cars and trucks - an all-time high - and 12% to generate electricity and heating - another record.




Well that’s the EU, they don’t practice what they preach.

I don’t agree with this proposed plan, nor do I agree with their others regarding automotive legislation. They should stay away from transport 😂


Okay…, but why is the Netherlands blue on the map?

I wasn’t aware of that, I thought it mostly went in the food industry. Sounds like it’s always going full circle in these situations :/


I like how Belgium is just the blank spot in the middle of everything xD.

Hehehe, look at Holland :)

Right. Time to attack a small Swedish girl.

What does the blue actually mean xD?

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