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I’ll be there!

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Took Off from Paris AIVA 028 will be landing in less than an hour look out for my Butter Landing.😜

What is the landing runway??

🇦🇹 Vienna | VIE | LOWW 🇦🇹

Local, Approach and Surrounding Centers open from 1345Z

Come and enjoy some stunning Austrian landscapes !

Additional information:

  • Runways in use: 11 and 16 for both departures and arrivals.
  • STARs recommended to match realism.

See you there :)


Nice! The landing runway is runway 20.

Okay,I’m landing in 10 minutes 👍🏼

Closed now !

EGLC (London City) is now open for at least an hour!

  • Runway 27 in use
  • Expect a Backtaxi

Hello community! If you are planning your long haul flight now or if you want to have ATC service for certain, you may want to know that I’m planning on opening LEBL local at 0700Z!

I’ll wait for you!

LIPZ | Venice | Ground, Tower and Atis

Opening time: 2021-05-09T13:10:00Z

Estimated closing time: 2021-05-09T14:10:00Z


EDDF (Frankfurt) is now open

  • Tower, Ground, ATIS and Approach will be staffed.
  • Recommended STARs: ASPA5W, EMPA4W, UNOK2L and KERA3L

Most departures can expect 25C and 18. Landings can be planned for 25R and 25L

Edit: Closed.


Keflavik (BIKF) local (Tower & Ground) will be open for an hour and a half from now.

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I’m joining!

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Big news: Keflavik (BIKF) is open for 5 more hours!

What?!!😨 Bro,you should also give your device some rest.

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Hehe thanks for caring for my device, nonetheless this is rare that I do such things so exceptionally don’t worry for my device :p instead, enjoy!

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Hi,I had A request,could you please open Keflavik Center? I’ll be there in about 35 minutes doing Air India 028VA Heavy LHR-LAX,do let me know,Thanks✌🏼

Looks like theres at least 4 IceAir flights inbound to BIKF from Europe right now, myself included. Would be awesome to have service for the arrivals and subsequent departures. My personal ETA is around 1.5 hours.

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Any ATC available for arrivals at BIKF ?

We will be turning around as well… :)


Cagliari Airport (LIEE) GTS open!

Routes to currently staffed airports:

  • LIEE-LKPR: Volotea (A319)
  • LIEE-EGLL: British Airways (A320)
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