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Hello everyone!

An Alitalia Virtual event will be happening in 2ish hours.
The event in question is a LIRF Fly-in, linked here

As we have had trouble with getting secure staffing comitments from IFATCs, we thought we could also reach out here.

Update, 1917Z: LIRF fully staffed until 2000z
-Refer to this post for further info
-LIRF GTS will be staffed by @Edoardo_C
-All waves are now either airborne, or departing
-All intrested controllers are asked to divert tbeir attention to either LIRF, or Center Frequencies ;)

  • Staffing primarily needed at LIRF, (Approach) from 1845Z to 2000Z aprox.
  • Pilots will be flying in from multiple airports
  • Multiple VAs expected
  • Upwards of 40 planned arrivals are expected into LIRF

EGLL GTS (London Heathrow)

Rwy Use 27s

NO Patten work

Will be open for another 20Minutes Min.

🇲🇹 Malta / MLA / LMML 🇲🇹

Local and Radar are open (including centers) for at least the next hour !


  • Runway 13 in use, 05/23 not in service
  • Pattern work allowed

See you there hopefully !

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Hey guys,

I just opend EDDM GT (Muenchen)

Atm im using RWY 08R/L


I’ll be landing at LFPG in just under 1hour is it possible for anyone to open up at least ground and tower?

Germany will be staffed from 1900z-2100z tonight, for more information and airport staffing, take a look at the topic linked above. We can’t wait to provide you with Gate to Gate ATC services.


Langen CTR,
Munchen CTR,
Bremen CTR,

Are all opening in the next 10 minutes for at least one hour.

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🇨🇭 Sion (LGSG) - Closed

Full ATC service will be available from 2021-06-20T18:00:00Z2021-06-20T19:30:00Z

Join us at one of the most challenging airports in Europe and enjoy the fantastic views on the approach!

Runway 25 in use. The largest aircraft allowed is the A320/B738.

LSGS tower, ground, ATIS: @Jakub_Astary
LSGS approach: @CptJu
Switzerland, Milano, Marseille, Reims Centers: @Jakub_Astary


EGPH open now for 30 mins until 9:30:00 AM
Come fly! :)

EDIT: Closed now

Good morning, Air Canada 860 inbound to London Heathrow EGLL from Vancouver CYVR, estimated time of arrival 13:00 BST (12:00Z) ish.

Will there be ATC at Heathrow this lunchtime/afternoon?

Thank you!

EGPH ground Tower and Approach open! Come fly this beautiful 3D airport!

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EGLC local frequencies open! Come fly the hard way!

Edit: closed

EGPH local frequencies open :)
Come fly

EGVN is open for Military Ops

EDDM GTS will be open for another 9min Active Rwy 26’s

Wow Taylor this is a cool thing

Munich Airport (EDDM/MUC)


Open Frequencies:

Approach: 127.95MHz

Runway In Use:

Departing: 26L, 26R
Landing: 26L, 26R

Open Time :

Operating Hours : 2021-06-25T17:20:00Z to 2021-06-25T17:50:00Z

Remarks :

Ground, Tower and ATIS to be opened by @Andres


Muenchen airport, ATIS information ALPHA, time 1659 ZULU, Wind 300 at 7 Visibility 21, Temperature 19, Dew Point 14, QNH 1018. Remarks, no light aircraft accepted at this time. Landing Runways 26R and 26L, Departing Runways 26R and 26L. Advise on initial contact, you have information ALPHA.


🇨🇭 Geneva / GVA / LSGG 🇨🇭

Open for at least an hour, all frequencies are active (Local, Approach and Radar) !

Runway 22 in use. Hope to see you there :)

EIDW | Dublin Airport 🇮🇪 | 27th June

Operating Hours ⤵️


Open Frequencies ⤵️

Tower: 118.60MHz
Ground: 118.75MHz
ATIS: 124.52MHz

Remarks ⤵️

3D Dublin Airport coming soon to Infinite Flight! (and New Aer Lingus A330 Livery ☘️) Let’s celebrate! 🇮🇪 Realistic procedures will be used. Landing and Departing Runway 10R.

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Inbound for EDDM in approximately 30 minutes, any chance of any ATC. No worries if not👍