Europe Screenshots

sent me pics of your European flights! these are mine:

Make sure to fill out the template and the hud should not be visable.

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Sorry to be that guy (Again), but this violates the rules of Screenshots and Videos. The rules are:

  • No more than 10 photos per topic
  • Create one topic per photo group such as an event, flight, or spotting session
  • No more than one topic per day
  • This category is open to all forum members to post in
  • You must fill in the template before posting
  • Please only post your best photos, making sure all HUD views, sidebars and display names and boxes are hidden
  • Photoshops that include any feature not in the simulator already are not permitted. This includes aircraft and liveries
  • You are allowed to post streams, however, these may only be allowed on the day of the event
  • Videos must be of thoughtful content. ‘Meme videos’ are not permitted

You can read more about the rules here:

Also, this still counts as a thread if you are asking people to put their screenshots of Europe here.

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sorry, i am new to this, just trying to interact with new members of the community

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