Europe Part 3

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The last part solely for Europe. Instead of making a Part 4 in addition to this topic, I’ve decided to make a massive Part 3 to cut down on the total number of topics this summer’s planespotting photos will take up. There’s lots of KLM in here so I’ve tried to spread out the blue a bit. There are more photos to come from other locations.

Sorry if there are any duplicate photos.

This has new content. Some photos will have weird coloring since some have been taken through bus glass or other surfaces (Sorry :( ). I’ve tried to take out most of the window reflections but if they’re still there, let me know please and I’ll fix the problem -Some images are beyond fixing so I reduced as much as I could.

Photos may only be used with permission (PM or comment below)


How do you get all these photos? Love them!!

In the case of all of the photos above, I go on a multi-itinerary vacation.

thank you


What airports did you take these pictures at?

Will there be one for North America, Asia, etc.?

I think Schipol

Everything except the bottom one is AMS.

The bottom one (LOT E170) is LUX.

On this trip, there will be a small EWR portion. For more North America, see these:

Central America:

Currently not planned

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Sorry if I asked this question before but what camera(s) do you currently use for spotting pics?

I love these photos. Do you have special access to the tarmac to take these photos?

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Nikon d40x

thank you. I wish I had special access


So if you didn’t how did you get these good photos. where they token from a building.

Terminals or aircraft windows

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