Europe Part 1

Most of the photos are in the lounge, but I’ll put some of those older ones here. This has new content. Some photos will have weird coloring since some have been taken through bus glass or other surfaces (Sorry :( ). I’ve tried to take out most of the window reflections but if they’re still there, let me know please and I’ll fix the problem.

Photos may only be used with permission (PM or comment below)


They look awesome! I like the Iberia picture!

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These are amazing photos . I might save one for my screensaver. I will not do anything with your photos i am not that type of person and I don’t know how to

Thank you both.

Sure this is fine. I don’t mind if it’s for stuff like this.


What type of camera were these taken on

Do you mind if i take one photo and edit it for a profile picture?

I love them specially the Iberia express one and the h
HOP one.

I envy your rare catches, Wings of Lebanon especially.

I like the AirFrance HOP!

Amazing photos!

Can I use one for my profile background? On the forum.

Nikon D40X, some with an 18-55 lens, others with a 55-300.

sure you can.

Also good

for the rest, thank you! :)

That is one of the most obscure airlines I’ve found LOL. It’s some charter airline according to wiki.

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