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Europe East Region

This IFATC region represents Eastern Europe and Russia. Whether you’re taking in the breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea enroute to the islands of Greece or following the coast of the Black Sea to Moscow this region will offer non-stop discoveries.

Check the topic comments below to see what frequencies are being staffed by ATC in this region, important airport information, and more!


Do you want IFATC to staff your event? Publish your event in the #live:events category, ensure you use the correct region tag for your event’s location, and a member assigned to the ATC region will express their team’s intent to provide services for your event.



What are ATC region assignments?

The Infinite Flight ATC (IFATC) team operates globally on the Expert Server using a region assignment program. This program allows all IFATC members to select a region, regardless of physical location, where they may control any airport/frequency for which their rank qualifies. Members will remain in their assigned region for 30 days before being eligible to transfer. Extended assignments allow for more ATC proficiency and familiarity in the assigned region!

How can I join IFATC?

Head to our ATC Recruiting Topic, read all instructions, ensure you meet the requirements, then submit an application to begin!

How does a "Region Tracking Topic" work?

Each assignable region of IFATC has it’s own tracking topic for improved ATC/pilot engagement which offers controllers an additional location to indicate which airports they’re opening in real-time. Controllers may advise when opening and closing by commenting on this topic. Pilots should avoid commenting with excessive ATC requests.

How can I see the current IFATC region staffing?

The number of controllers assigned to each region can be found by visiting Looking for more ATC in a particular region? Join the effort and become part of the staffing you want to see!

Do I need Staff/Moderator permission to receive IFATC staffing at my event?

No, members of the assigned region are encouraged to comment directly on the published #live:events to express their team’s intent to provide ATC services! Event creators should avoid contacting individual controllers privately for service, instead publishing the event publicly.

How can I improve the likelihood of ATC staffing my event?

When creating an event with ATC in mind ensure the following:

  • The featured airports have ATC frequencies
  • The featured airports has ample parking and ramp space
  • The featured theme would be complimented by ATC (airshows and landing competitions are often best without ATC on the Casual Server)
  • The event offers a variety of airports in reasonable proximity to allow for a smooth flow of Air Traffic
  • Event instructions are clear, concise, and not overly restrictive
How can I appeal my Level 2 or 3 Violation?

If reported by ATC on the Expert Server for an infraction you will be issued a Level 2 or Level 3 Violation. This may be appealed here on the Community Forum by sending a direct message to @appeals where you should provide your callsign, display name, location, details surrounding the report, and a replay file which can easily be uploaded here!


Tivat [LYTV] Radar open

Approach for either RWY 14/32 may be requested | Aircraft who request a visual 14 will be vectored to either D3.9 TIV following the NDB circle to land proc. or D3.0 TIV [ML32] for the circle to land with flight tracks proc.

Radar Frequency: 118.00

Open: 2021-05-01T07:25:00Z
Closed: 2021-05-01T15:00:00Z

Aircraft may use preferable runway for takeoff however please be aware of inbound aircraft before entering the runway.

time controlling: 7h35m


Athinai FIR Open

Radar Frequency: 127.00

Open: 2021-05-02T12:35:00Z
Closed: 2021-05-02T13:35:00Z

Radar services will be provided to all airports within the FIR

time controlling: 1h

Sochi International Airport (URSS/AER)


Open Frequencies:

Approach: 118.30MHz

Runway In Use:

Departing: 06, 02
Landing: 24, 20

Open Time :

Operating Hours : 2021-05-07T07:10:00Z to 2021-05-07T08:10:00Z

Remarks :

Ground, Tower and ATIS will be opened by @LesterXavier.


Sochi airport, ATIS information ALPHA, time 0719 ZULU, Wind 170 at 5 Visibility 21, Temperature 17, Dew Point 13, QNH 1019. Remarks, no pattern work allowed. Landing Runways 06 and 02, Departing Runways 24 and 20. Advise on initial contact, you have information ALPHA.


🇬🇷 Skiathos Airport | JSI | LGSK 🇬🇷

Open for at least an hour ! Come and do some patterns at this nice little sunny airport.

Runway in service: 01 (no ILS)

Hope to see you there :)