Europe Center Takeover! [Today - 1700Z] - [CLOSED]

Europe Center Takeover

Today, me, @Shafran, @GBKarp and @Hardlanding_Hussain will try to open as many centers as possible in Europe at the Training server! Time will be discussed in a PM.

If you want to join as a controller, reply in this thread!

Here is what we have covered as of now:

@Shafran : Tallinn, Sankt-Peterburg, Helsinki, Norway, Sweden @ EFHK

@Tunamkol : Switzerland, Reims, Langen, Milano, Munchen, Wien @ LZSH

@GBKarp : Bordeaux, Brest, Paris, London @ LFRK

@InfiniteFlightDeck : Madrid, Barcelona

If you wish to join, here are some FIRs that can be opened:

Roma, Brinidisi, Athinai, Beograd, Zagreb, Tirana, Sarajevo @ LDDU

Bratislava, Budapest, L’VIV, Warszawa , Bucharesti, @ LZKZ

Riga, Vilnius, Kaliningrad, Minsk @ EVRA

Bremen, Amsterdam, Kobenhavn @ EDWG

We would appreciate if you could join us controlling today! Otherwise, it would be nice to see you flying in our airspace’s!

We are planning to open anytime between 1100Z to 1900Z, and will discuss a time that fits for all in a PM.

We will post on this thread once we open!


Can I control Barcelona, Madrid, & Lisboa? I think they should be groupable.

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Sure! You have got it! I will invite you to our PM shortly.

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I can take Roma,Brindisi, Beograd etc… add me in!
Time to get some extra operations in case i decide to join IFATC one day ;)


Sure you are in! You have been added to the event PM!

We will be opening at 1700Z!

Just let you know, we have no time limit for controlling. We would appreciate at least 20 minutes, but there is no pressure at all. Have fun!

30 minutes to go!

You can join us controlling if you wish! Just let us know!

can I please be changed to LDDU?

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