Europe Airpost B737-700

I believe this would be a wonderful livery to add to the 737-700 this is also one of my favorite liveries ever! I only knew about it today when I saw it landing at Lanzarote airport when I went spotting there today :)image


Isn’t it European Airpost?

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What a funky colour scheme! I want it!

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That’s an awesome suggestion we have here :)

beautifull Design and nice elegant colours chema… like to test flying on IF!!

The colors look great. I’m all in.

  • I want this livery on the 737-700.
  • I don´t want this livery on the 737-700.
  • I´m indifferent.

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Would love to see this livery. It’s odd it’s different it’s amazing 🤗🙃

It will definitely stand out at LAX.

No, this is what they have…

4 Boeing 737-700 (Passenger)
4 Boeing 737-300QC (Passenger)
1 Boeing 737-300 (Passenger)
2 Boeing 737-300 (Cargo)
4 Boeing 737-400 (Cargo)

I think it’s fair to say that they like the 737. :P

I blame it on an outdated source :P

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Whatever! LOL

It’s quite vibrant to say the least.

I love it so much I only saw it when I went spotting a few days ago!

As they say Great minds think a like, came up with this one a while back.

Sorry duplicate topic

I think they are focused more on airlines with the winglets for the 737 series in IF