Europe Airpost 737-700


I saw this aircraft about 5-6 years ago in Ireland West Knock airport and I pretty much ignored it, but it came into my head lately and I decided to look it up on google. I thought I may as well mention this livery to see what others thought of it. I realise Europe Airpost only has 4 737-700s but it is an interesting airline with an interesting livery😄.

Europe Airpost B737-700

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I like both it and the Air Transat yellow 737-700 livery (there both surprisingly similar)😄


One of the few transatlantic 737 flights bring on an Europe Airpost 73G


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Why are your posts all feature requests?
I just counted, 20 of your 33 posts are feature requests. Enjoy infinite flight… :)

I like to enjoy with what we have rather than asking the devs constantly for new stuff…


I know full well that most if not all of my suggestions will never be added to IF, the main reason I do feature requests is to see what others make of the livery, region or aircraft I’m suggesting, also I don’t have much imagination to make other topics and I can’t go spotting (because my nearest international airport is 2 hours away and It gets about 20 flights a day, 15 of which are Ryanair 737-800s) but that’s said I do have an idea for a new set of posts I will be making possibly in the near future😄


Yes please!!!


Just Like to show support instead of this^^