Eurofighter Typhoon


I really like the Eurofighter but without dogfighting in the game i really think it is pointless adding miltary like these into the game unless they add features like these into the base game. I am massive Fan of DCS and it is shame they have been sidelined.


What does sidelined mean?


I’d love to see the Eurofighter Typhoon, I’d also love to see burners added to the fighter fleet. And maybe, just maayyyyyybe condensation off of the wings when pulling high G turns. Wishful thinking most likely, but never hurts to try.


remove from the centre of activity or attention


It would actually be pretty cool to see a European fighter jet with liveries of the Deutsche Luftwaffe.


i wish this would happen, just seems that when it comes to military aircraft IF make sure that they only but in the American aircraft(modern) considering the typhoon and F35 will be the most advanced fighters ever.


Imagine doing this in IF with a Eurofighter with custom sounds wich make it sound just like that! 🤓


Another great feature request by @Marsiana7!


Voted! I would really really like to see this. For military aviators living in Europe like me, This is heaven on earth. Amazing flightier jet. If this had to come, I would be flying this, and only this aircraft.


I would love to see those canards work!


Saw it in ILA Berlin 😎


Absolutely!!! It’s the best fighter in Europe…it deserves its place in IF


Like that livery!!!

I’m still patiently waiting for this one. Wish I could give another vote


This would be fantastic as an raf air cadet this would be fantastic to fly


I very much agree and this gets my vote. If another military aircraft gets added, I would really hope for this


You’ve got my vote! Beautiful jet this


Damn you have my vote. Always been my favourite jet and if I do plan to join the RAF this would be the aircraft I would hope to fly!


Also should find the photos I have and share them!