Eurofighter Typhoon


The Squadron insignia and number are on the foreplanes ☺️


Yeah, I agree. It totally works that way. Thank you so much for adding it to the request. : )


No problem. If you do find more nice liveries feel free to post them here and let me know to add them to the list! 😄


Hehe, yep I see it now. That what you call a total Captain Obvious moment right? (Captain Obvious for Capt Brown)LOL.
I wasn’t sure to be honest. Wanted to confirm before I post something thoughtless and someone has to correct me. The community can be pretty savvy when it comes to aviation knowledge, so I’m always learning new things.


That’s the best way to do it! If you are not sure try to find out what’s correct or not!

BTW found this awesome video of The Eurofighter in the Ghost Tiger livery performing a demo flight at the ILA in Berlin earlier this year.


Gripen is better but i will vote


Voted! Nice request!

Here is a photo of the Spanish Airforce/Ejército del Aire Typhoon I took some weeks ago. Preparing for flight:


Here, here! These are also hugely important to the RAF, as the main fighter jets.


That’s true!

Here is another very cool livery. It’s supposed to be an hommage to the „Red Baron“



Look no further thwn GAF for the skilled pilots, we have many skilled pilots and a few in demo teams also !!


The GNA camo RAF livery isnt a RAF 100th anniversary paint job, thats old from a few years back


@Scott_Ellis_Paddon So what else should I call it?


Call it the GINA memorial Livery


Voted for both a great jet to have in IF and for the informative case you made for it …


I second that!! GAF 58th!


Wow!! that is a really slick livery. Red is always a great cooler on fighters. That should be on the list.


If the Eurofighter does get added there should be definitely the basket type of aerial refueling be added.
I do not know if the KC-10 can be equipped with it but I do know there is the KC130 wich does use those type of aerial refueling!


To be fairy honest I don’t think it matters if we had a the probe and drogue or a boom because contact need not be established to refuel anyway. Not that I would be opposed to see the KC stratotanker but adding it to complement the eurofighter alone won’t be something happening in the near future. I’m a big fan of the idea though, you got my vote for the typhoon :)


True that we don’t currently need it, but It would be awesome to have the Stratotanker. However it wouldn’t be only the Eurofighter that requires the basket, but also some variants of the C-130’s, the F-14 and F-18 (which has been confirmed will eventually be reworked).


You’re right, but rather than a stratotanker I would much rather like to see an AWACS like the sentry to add some variance since we’ve already got a tanker ya feel? I think there is another thread for the stratotanker alone