Eurofighter Typhoon

Good suggestion - Lets get more RAF in the skies!


@JHearnden_Jgun47 that is why i votes! Why is IF straying to the american side of things when it comes to the military aircraft! Bring on the RAF Aircraft!

If you’d like more RAF fast jets and trainers, maybe also consider the Shorts Tucano T.1 and the BAe Hawk T.1/T.2

I would love to see this! Wow, more military aircrafts are my recommended type of votes! Let me clear a vote


I think that, because fighters are less commonly flown on the servers, they make less models available, otherwise it would be quite expensive to develop and then not get used.

Maybe if a new fighter aircraft was introduced, more people would use them. The fighters we have currently aren’t up to the standards of the other aircraft.

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That is very true, if they were updates, I know I certainly would. I think I read somewhere that adjustments to the fighters are to be included in the new update. Somebody else might confirm or equally, deny that.

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Sounds good! British Hardware is the best stuff out there so maybe that will be better that the american stuff lol

That is if we ever get an british military stuff!!!

Well unless they come from an official source, assume that it isn’t the case. Whilst a minor rework of the existing fighters would be nice, what’s really needed to reignite interest in the military side of Infinite Flight is a brand new fighter or fast jet trainer.

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Definitely, that would be good.

Would love to have this aircraft in the game!

I would like to see as many airplanes as possible, but with the current rate of reworks/updates, unfortunately I guess this would be at the very bottom of my list compared to CRJ, A350, B707, B727, and Concord.

The eurofighter typhoon is truly one of my favourite aircraft, and I would love it in If, however it’s the a350/ 787 scenario again. We already have the f22 and f16 in IF, both of which are either end of the typhoon in terms of power and handling. Sadly, I don’t feel FDS will add it in the near future

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Still, they’ve been in the game for some time, andarent anywhere near the best this game has to offer. At least a new fighter would be up to the standard of the newer additions.

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I love this plane so much!
Gets my vote.

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It would be great if this were added along with some better sounds and afterburner effects.

Currently all jet fighters in IF are American, and they only come with USAF / USN liveries. The Typhoon would add some diversity to the IF fast jet fleet.

Being redone. New request being posted.