Eurofighter Typhoon

Before saying this is a duplicate, look up “Eurofighter Typhoon” in the search box. The other topic(s) have been closed. Anyways, an extremely agile European Fighter jet would be just like WOW.

Credits to Gordon Zammit

We need more planes other than the pax aircraft in general. I would vote but I’m over the limit.


We need more GA aircraft. Not Jets and Airliners.


Or Heli’s 😉 Heli’s would be nice.


IMO this is the best fighter i know of


Copy over some figures of speed/altitude etc., makes it look much more professional. We need this in the RAF livery!

I support this, of course I’m more for reworking our current fighters and our C-17 as some of them (the fighters and our sole attacker) are in serious need of some love…


Would be amazing, particularly as unlike the F-22 it is operated by many countries


Not trying to totally just this down at all (as I want this jet in IF) but I beleive this is a request that has already made:

Take care.


I have never heard about Euro(space)Fighter. Guess his mistake made this request not show up in Search.

I totally agree with @DeerCrusher. Would be nice to see more GA aircraft

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Lol good point, but it’s the same time thing.

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This would definitely make a great addition to Infinite Flight. We have so many airliners, and only three half decent fighter aircraft (the F/A-18 is too old to be worth considering). Something different like the Typhoon would help add some diversity to the aircraft options available.

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If I were at Dev wanting to put in more fighters, this would be something I’d add.

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Either the Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale of Saab Gripen. Something European would make a welcome change from the limited range of exclusively American fighter jets we have available.

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Yes, yes and yes!! The Eurofighter is fantasic. A great addition to the IF figher fleet

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Beautiful aircraft,

Would love to have it in IF

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WOW as in impressive, or as in the Icelandic Airline? ;)

You can say that again. Not gonna lie, this would be awesome though.

How about F35? Mirage 2000? and Su 35? :D
request never end

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