Eurocopter X3

Once helicopters are implemented into Infinite Flight (which I definitely see happening), this would be an amazing start! It flies at 293 miles per hour, and the looks are just stunning!



For a second I thought those were dart targets hahaha. Cool aircraft!


I love the unique shape of the nose

It’s rather strange looking, but I like it. :)


It looks like a V-22 and a whale…err…A380 had a baby. We need it.

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what is this looks fun

Like it! Would like to see this.

It looks… odd.

Let’s get it in IF!

It’s really cool but we know IF isn’t going to be adding any helicopters any time soon:-(

Like the New York Lottery says, “Hey, you never know.”


I’m sorry, does no one else think that this is as ugly as the a10?

How dare you say such a thing about the glorious A-10!

lol don’t take that seriously. I was kidding.

This is fantastic cannot wait to see helicopters within IF

Will be great to fly :)