euroAtlantic 767-300ER


EuroAtlantic Airways, currently the most important Portuguese company dedicated to the rental of large commercial aircraft, confirmed to ‘NewsAvia’ that it closed a contract with Air Madagascar for the rental of a Boeing 767-300ER, which should be delivered to the airline Indian Ocean, on the 26th of June. The contract is for four months and will end on 23 October.

The plane, with national registration and Portuguese crew, will be used on the weekly flight between Antananarivo, capital of the republic, and Marseille (France) with a stopover at Moroni International Airport (Comoros).

Planes registered in the Republic of Madagascar are currently banned from flying in European airspace and from landing at airports in EU countries. The company’s other flights to Europe are made by an A340-330 that is operated by Air Atlanta, a company based at Reykjavik Airport, in Iceland. At the moment, Air Madagascar is completing an in-depth study of its posture and attitude in the market, and there should soon be news, aeronautical experts told ‘NewsAvia’, who value the rapprochement between the two airlines.