Euro Atlantic 777-200ER


Picture taken by me.

Euro Atlantic airways legally euro Atlantic airways-Transportes Transportes Aéreos S.A., is a Portuguese airline specialized in leasing and air charter headquartered in Sintra and based at Lisbon Airport
Their history.
Founded as Air Zarco on 25 August 1993, the company adopted the trade name Air Madeira until 17 May 2000, when the Memorandum of Association was altered by deed, and the name of EuroAtlantic Airways – Transportes Aéreos S.A. was adopted. EuroAtlantic also took over the corporate design from Air Zarco which is still used today. The airline is owned by Quanlux (Luxembourg) (45%), Tomaz Julio Teixeira Metello (25%), Anglotel (Luxembourg) (20%) and Danielle Chadrin Metello (10%) and had 239 employees at March 2007.[1] EuroAtlantic also owns 38% of the national airline of São Tomé and Príncipe, STP Airways.

EuroAtlantic operated a direct flight from Lisbon to Dili’s Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport in January 2008 using a Boeing 767 carrying 140 members of the Portuguese National Guard.[2] It was the first aircraft larger than a Boeing 737 to ever land at the airport.

EuroAtlantic was known for operating the last Lockheed L-1011 TriStar in passenger service in Europe. It was phased out in March 2010 and is since stored at Amman Civil Airport.[3]

In February 2017, euroAtlantic ended its freighter operations by phasing out its sole Boeing 767-300F cargo aircraft.[4]

Boeing 737–800 1 — 160
Boeing 767-300ER 6 — various One leased by LOT
Boeing 777–200ER 1 — 323
Cessna Citation CJ3[9] 1 — 6 business jet
Total 9 —

Changed the title to -200 as most people won’t understand 212 😉


Are you talking about passenger configuration?

Ah yes, I love this aircraft. Flew on it FDF - CDG last April and it was fantastic.

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I think the 1 means they opperate 1 737-800 and it seats 160 people.

I would love to see this in IF

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Sure thanks I’m a truly nerd hhaha

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Me to it’s my first heavy plane to fly on and see the that the devs adding some new livery’s let’s hope and cross our fingers for this to get included to

It was right really classy and vintage

Very old beast
Hate the RR engines on the 777

This has to be included with the new 772 update currently this has got a re freshed livery

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Euroatlantic fly to one destination somewhere in africa and do charters if I’m correct?

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EuroAtlantic new livery would be a lovely addition for the new update! :)


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I didnt know that airline existed actually…Cool livery should be added to 20.1 so people can give it attention