Euro 2016 finals Photoshop

So as tonight, France VS Portuqal will be on, I did a little photoshop:
Remember the “Wingtip Vortices confirmed” topic that I edited? I done this the same way as I done that one.


did you use gaussian blur on this?
that wudve help the effect a little

France got rekt


Sadly, with that STUPID 108’ GOAL of Portuqal, YES. I cried that night after the game 😭
No worries. I am the third record holder for goals on FIFA 16 so shouldn’t be a problem.

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That Eder goal was class!


It was his first Goal ever lmao

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Who scored? I didn’t watch because the match would start at 3 Am at my time.

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Eder scored in the 109th minute.

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