Eureka! From 100,000ft

Hey IFC! I’m back again today with yet another #screenshots-and-videos category. I flew to 100,000ft over Humboldt County in Northern California, over the city of Eureka, California.

Fun fact: This city is named after the State of California Motto; meaning “I have found it!” (Regarding the finding of gold during the Gold Rush in the 1850s leading to California’s population growth and later statehood)

Server: Solo
Airport: KACV (Eureka-Arcata-Humboldt County Regional Airport)
Location: Eureka, CA
Aircraft: F-22 Raptor

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10/10 never give you down


Totally not Google Earth
Lol jk it’s not


Thats too realistic for GE (Google earth)


Yeah they take forever to update scenery 😂

Yeah but I’m used to it how it is. I’m just excited about the new airport update!

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Oh I meant Google Earth takes forever lol

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And Plus. How can Google earth do that certain angle?

Google Earth Flight Simulator
Or Google Maps I can’t remember
That is such a trashy game 😂

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