Eugene's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]


Thanks for joining in, @lurkerboy!


@RayWang thanks for joining in mate!


Wow Very nice job!Keep going like that!You well do good! One thing you don’t need to call my base,If aircraft doesn’t Keep a good distance You just need let’s they go around in the final.


I’ll be open for 10 more minutes because @DaniCP just spawned in ;)
Thanks for joining me!


Cool! Thanks for the feedback, definitely enjoyed your touch-and-goes!


After that though, when you could have called base and it would have helped out is when I made one of my last patterns and you told the plane n889vh requesting takeoff 26R to hold short. You could have told me you would call my base so he could take off.

Excellent job though!


Well you know what guys–I’ll stay online for another 30 mins since a couple guys just popped in :)
Thanks for making me staying a little more late, @Jersey_Paul and @StupidZac!


Yeah I was about to do it, but the thinking itself already ate the time to give him the chance to take off…



Thanks to all of you who participated! I definitely had fun controlling y’all!
See you in the next session ;)


Thank you as always :) you’re definitely well on your way :)


Hi mate. I was E438.

Very good job, your skills are impressive.

Just only 1 point to clarify:

  • I requested 2 times to change runway, your pattern instruccion was perfect, but you forgot to say on the 1st. clearance “make left / right traffic”.


Remember to say this only in the 1st. takeoff or new pattern instruccion.

Besides that, awesome job!! :)


Hi Eugene
Very good, pattern entries, sequencing, clearance all good, just a few minor points:

  • The frequency change for the departing aircraft, was perhaps abit too quick, they had literally just lifted off.

  • I didn’t get a frequency change after the departure was approved.

  • At the end, I called inbound for landing, and you cleared me for the option.


Yeah! Hahaha I realized this mistake when I was about to give you “clearance for the option” on your 2nd touch-and-go at 26R. I was like, “wait… have I given him ‘make left traffic’…? whoops…” 😂


Oh okay–how far after they lifted off should I give that command?

Another thing I didn’t know! Thanks for pointing this out!

I realized this too! I was thinking of sending you a “disregard last message”, but I thought “cleared for the option” also covered full-stop landing, so I decided to let it go…

Thanks for your feedback, loved it!


I’d let them get through the critical part of the initial climb first, I usually issue it after 1500 agl, or if they are climbing slowly, when they are a mile or two out.


Good example where I would suggest to use ‘Correction, standby’; and then issue landing clearance 😊


CYVR is now OPEN

Hop in over for a quick stop, touch-and-goes, or what-have-you! The weather is all-out sunny here in Vancouver, perfect for a nice flight over British Columbia.

As always, pattern work is much appreciated. Try to make me “work” by changing runways, too ;)

Open length: 2019-03-12T23:00:00Z2019-03-13T00:30:00Z
Recommended route: CYZF / Yellowknife. Beauty at its’ best, guaranteed.
Freq: Ground, Tower
Current operations count: 953

Your presence is so much appreciated! Thanks!


Still open for another hour folks! Feel free to join!


I still have another 45 minutes to kill! Jump over here guys!


Thanks for hopping in, @Murphy! First visitor after an hour, at last…
And thanks to the second visitor: @DaniCP! Glad you made it here, mate!