Eugene's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

What’s up y’all! Eugene’s back again.

Look who’s back again! This is my second Tracking Thread and I very much enjoyed the first one! I’m sharpening my controlling skills to prepare for the IFATC exam. I would love to receive your feedback (be that good or bad)! Pattern works would be much appreciated!
Also, if you don’t mind, please rate my skills from 0 to 10 or A+ to F hahaha.
Looking forward to serve you all!


Username: same as my IFC username
Current operations count: 676
Frequencies: Ground and Tower.
Open hours: 2019-03-05T19:00:00Z2019-03-05T20:20:00Z
Open length: 80 minutes! Thy shall rejoice!
Runways open: 26L, 26R, 30
Featured route (if you’re not doing pattern works): CYYC / Calgary


  • Please don’t send duplicate messages to me. It is likely that I would be thinking for the efficiency and effectiveness of the traffic or finding the best message to send to you/other pilots. Don’t worry, I won’t forget about your presence ;)
  • My uni lecture starts at 2019-03-05T20:30:00Z, so I will close the ATC on schedule…

Thanks in advance for all of your support. I greatly appreciate your participation in making me a better ATC and enhancing the IF community!


It was nice to see you again :) and you did great :) . I was SWA5595, and I think I added too much speed on take off as it spun around. I’ll reappear in a few in the A321 :)

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Hey @TRIavgeekMandy, I recognized you from your “5595” callsign you used last time hahaha. It was definitely a pleasure seeing you again. Yeah I wondered what happened to you after you lifted off–I thought it was a glitch but you ended up crashing lol…

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Good job , no need for keft or righ after gvning clearnce enless changing runways

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Lol yeah 737s aren’t my thing right now, but the 747 is :) . Now I’ve been inspired to tour the canadian mountains for the next six hours. The only thing I had from the second time was I asked for 8L and got 26R, but I didn’t mind :) . You’ll be in the IFATC in no time :)

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Sorry I don’t understand—what do you mean by left/right?
But thanks for being at CYVR, I totally appreciate that!

Oh yeah hahaha I’m so sorry, rwy 08L was closed all of a sudden, so I had to taxi you to 26R 😂

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The left or right traffic after the first touch and go isn’t needed since you’ve already announced left or right before takeoff, its a given. But with runway change is needed. Great job man, you’ll be there before you know it

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Yay thanks for the knowledge! Definitely learning something new here 😉

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That’s alright 😃 I didn’t even know that runway had closed (I’m guessing due to wind change). I’ll work on that from my end :) . That was really the only thing :) .

For an aircraft remaining in the pattern, the exit direction after his first clearance for the option, can be given. You’re right, it is not needed, and I don’t believe the ATC manual instructs us to do it. But in the official IFATC training video (perfect ATC test) we do see Tyler issuing an exit direction to an aircraft after his first clearance. Any following clearances (to the same runway) the exit direction (make right traffic) is not repeated.

I have made a practice of giving an exit direction after the first clearance for the option, and I’ve seen other IFATCs do it too.

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It still looks like your first treacking thread to me 😀
You only need one really. This one is just fine.

Tip: keep your start-post simple, and don’t change it. And just before you open, reply to your own start-post and tell us where you’re planning to open. This brings your thread to the top of ‘Latest’ and people see it.

Keep having fun 😉

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