Eugene's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] (PASSED PRACTICAL!)

I’ll combine current and future tracking threads into this topic

Aight, I’m pretty sure y’all know the drill by now :)
For those of you who are new: thanks for hopping in! I am en route to getting my IFATC badge (hopefully soon!) and this thread will be an extra jet fuel to get me there.

Pattern works are very much appreciated; it’s also completely fine with me if you just wanna fly somewhere else.

CYVR / Vancouver, Canada

Username: same as my IFC username
Current operations count: 810
Server: TS2
Frequencies: Ground and Tower.
Open hours: 2019-03-08T23:10:00Z to 2019-03-08T23:45:00Z
Opening length: 35 minutes (sorry!)
Featured route (if you’re not doing pattern works): CYOW / Ottawa


  • Please refrain from sending duplicate messages to me. It is likely that I would be thinking for the efficiency and effectiveness of the traffic or finding the best message to send to you/other pilots. Don’t worry, I won’t forget about your presence ;)
  • Whenever possible, please spawn beside one another as I need to practice with my Ground skills…

Thanks in advance for all of your support. I greatly appreciate your participation in helping me become a better ATC and creating a more enjoyable environment for the IF community!



Hey no need to open a tracking thread each time you open! Just edit and use your first one bud!:)

Wilco! Yeah, this will be the last new topic I’ll make for tracking threads ;)

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Still open guys! Hop in over!

Thanks for hopping in, @SwedishFlyer!

Well done. I’d say you’re almost ready. Remember to tell me to exit runway when I have reached a safe speed. That’s all, good luck on getting your IFATC badge. I’m pretty sure you will get it soon!

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Yeap! I usually give “exit runway” commands under 70kts, but I don’t know why I gave one to you a little too early 😒
Apologies I couldn’t stay for long!

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Awww … so sorry I missed you but I’m sure you did great :)

not so great when you were in a rush and could only control for half-an-hour…

OPEN @ CYVR / Vancouver

Will be open for 90 minutes!
Open hours: 2019-03-10T00:00:00Z2019-03-10T01:30:00Z

Come on over folks!

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Don’t hesitate to stop by guys! It’s really sunny here at CYVR!

@Adam_Macaulay thanks for hopping in! Totally appreciate your presence, bud!

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Was there… Nice job!

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Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it!

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Great work and my pleasure. Do you have a trainer?

Yes I do! He’s prepping me up for my IFATC written exam.
*PS: Apologies for having you wait sooo long to cross rwy 30–I thought I’d sent the clearance to you and then I was distracted with something else hahaha

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Still open, peeps! Hop in over!

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On my way :)

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Woohoo! Come on over!

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Coming N561jv

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