Eugene's 3rd ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Guess who’s back again for the third round!

If you’ve been participating in my controlling threads, y’all know the drill ;)
For those of you who are new: thanks for hopping in! I am en route to getting my IFATC badge (hopefully soon!) and this thread will be an extra jet fuel to get me there. Pattern works are very much appreciated; it’s also completely fine with me if you just wanna fly somewhere else.

CYVR / Vancouver, Canada

Username: same as my IFC username
Current operations count: 724
Frequencies: Ground and Tower.
Open hours: 2019-03-06T18:30:00Z2019-03-06T20:20:00Z
Opening length (for those who are lazy to math): 1h 50m!
Featured route (if you’re not doing pattern works): CYXY / Whitehorse. It’ll be a memorable flight, I promise!


  • Please refrain from sending duplicate messages to me. It is likely that I would be thinking for the efficiency and effectiveness of the traffic or finding the best message to send to you/other pilots. Don’t worry, I won’t forget about your presence ;)
  • I will also be eating my lunch while ATC-ing, so expect slight delays hahaha
  • I’m on my lunch break from my uni lecture. Next one starts at 2019-03-06T20:30:00Z so I will be closing sharp on schedule.

Thanks in advance for all of your support. I greatly appreciate your participation in helping me become a better ATC and creating a more enjoyable environment for the IF community!



Thanks for hopping in, @InfiniteAviation06, @DenverChris, @lurker, @Raidon23, @Yousifserkal! Definitely appreciate you guys presence here! ;)

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No problem looking forward to derust my pattern work

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My account is glitching so bad 😩

Yeahhh no worries! I was wondering what’s been happening to you ahahaha.
I will still be open for an hour and a half ;)

Could have cleared me:/ lol

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Yeahh I was trying to play safe there lolll

I will come in 5 minutes!

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That’s me for now thanks nothing to improve from my perspective

Great work. Only glaring mistake was the transition instruction.

To pick a transition altitude you take the altitude of the airport above sea level and add the pattern altitude 1200-1500 ft and then add 1000 ft or so for spacing. You should have instructed me to transition at or above 2500 or 3000 ft. I did not want to climb to 11k ft so I just got back into the pattern. It would have helped if you told me who to follow when I entered the pattern but figured out after you said you’d call my base.

Also you were clearing for landing on final, usually best to clear earlier right after sequencing on downwind.

You missed my runway exit too but you gave that to others so I assume you got distracted.

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I saw you! Thanks for joining all of us at CYVR! ;)

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Yeah I often get confused with transitions.
And yeap, I was distracted so I missed your “exit runway” command. My friend keeps talking beside me here LOL

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Firsly: good job! This is the best TS ATC I’ve ever had! I got 2 points of improvement:

  • The extend downwind comment was unnecessary, because you already said that I had to follow traffic on downwind. Only say this when you need more space for takeoffs for example.
  • After you sequence an aircraft, you can already clear them for landing. For example: If you sequenced an aircraft for number 3, you can already give the command ‘… number 3, cleared to land/option’. You don’t have to wait till the aircraft before that aircraft has exited the runway.
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Closing in 7 minutes!

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I’ll be sending you a DM!

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