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After viewing @DeerCrusher’s post on possible range notifications, I figured that it would also be necessary to add a critical aspect of range - ETOPS. ETOPS, short for Extended Operations, is a classification and certification given to aircraft that wish to fly over water far from land, and once certified, allows aircraft to fly a certain distance away from an airport in a given number of minutes on one engine. No aircraft is allowed to take a route that is farther from a suitable diversion airport than it is certified to land at, and thus would be where this feature would apply.

A ring or circle around all suitable diversion airports would be applied based on an aircraft’s certification (ie. an 777 with EIS of ETOPS-120 would have a different sized circle around its diversion-capable fields than an A350 with ETOPS-370 capability).

Additionally, this could also be extended to work with DeerCrusher’s range idea, where based on weather data (ie. winds, jet stream, etc.) the size of applicable circles would change based on the range of the aircraft and be a physical reminder of the range that an aircraft had available. Circles could be dynamic and change based on the amount of fuel/payload onboard, and thus could give an estimate of where the aircraft was able to fly.

This idea can be altered, and if necessary, be modified to include things like airline/aircraft-specific certifications (ie. a Delta 777-200ER would have a different circle size than a British Airways 777-200ER because it was certified to ETOPS-180 vs the BA’s ETOPS-120). Additionally, this could also be altered to only show circles based on the start and end airports one picked (ie. transatlantic flights could only show circles going over North/South Atlantic tracks rather than showing all circles available). This is a very dynamic idea, and could be an additional overlay like the terrain overlay that can be turned on/off. As Global approaches, it seems as if proper flight planning based on things like ETOPS would be interesting to add as to enhance the realism of IF.

An example of this possibility is shown below, with circles around airports. This is obviously not to size, yet still a good visual aid in this example. As seen below, it is clear that one could not fly outside of the range circles and must (or at least should) file a flight plan within the circle.

I always learned that aircraft could have varying degrees of ETOPS… oh well, thanks for the information refresh!

Read up on this kiddo

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There is a big issue with ETOPS in IF, as it is dependent on several factors that we do not have in IF. For example, 737s have ETOPS because of their APU, and A321s ETOPS are dependent on their configuration. Its also dependent on the operator. For example, Delta’s 737s have no ETOPS rating, but Aloha Air’s all have ETOPS120. But…
I went through the trouble of finding the ETOPS ratings of all planes in Infinite Flight, saying that all things are in favor of max ETOPS ratings.
Airbus A318 - ETOPS180
Airbus A319 - ETOPS180
Airbus A320 - ETOPS180
Airbus A321 - ETOPS180
Airbus A330-200F - ETOPS240
Airbus A330-300 - ETOPS240
Airbus A340-600 - Quad Jet
Airbus A380-800 - Quad Jet
Boeing 717-200 - ETOPS75
Boeing 737-700 - ETOPS180
Boeing 737-800 - ETOPS180
Boeing 737-900 - ETOPS180
Boeing 747-200 - Quad Jet
Boeing 747-400 - Quad Jet
Boeing 747-8 - Quad Jet
Boeing 757-200/PF - ETOPS180
Boeing 767-300 - ETOPS180
Boeing 777-200ER - ETOPS330
Boeing 777-200LR - ETOPS330
Boeing 777-200F - ETOPS330
Boeing 777-300ER - ETOPS330
Boeing 787-8 - ETOPS330
Boeing 787-9 - ETOPS330
Boeing 787-10 - Yet to be determined
Bombardier CRJ-200 - Unapproved
Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 - Unapproved
Embraer ERJ-170 - Unapproved
Embraer ERJ-175 - ETOPS75
Embraer ERJ-190 - ETOPS120
Embraer ERJ-195 - ETOPS120
Note: This is showing that at least one of these aircrafts in a commercial configuration will have some sort of ETOPS rating, but not all. To divide it up by airline would be allot of pointless work. Two fun facts: The Airbus A350XWB is the first plane ever to receive ETOPS370 ratings (Which is pointless at ETOPS240 will cover the entire globe), and the ATR-72 is the only prop ever to receive ETOPS rating, due to its usage in Micronesia.
Also, after doing all this research, ETOPS is the real reason for the end of tri and quad jets.


Interesting idea especially for oceanic flights

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This would be pretty useful for global - select an ETOPS number and the circles increase/decrease in size

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Got my vote 👍🏼Should’ve been introduced long ago!

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But it’s useless until global 😂

A good way to remember what ETOPS is, remember this, Engines Turn or People Swim.


Or remember Extended Operations which is what it actually means

You know what I mean 🙈😂