ETOPS in Global

ETOPS flights are inevitable when global comes out, especially if you’re like me and planning on flying 12+ hour flights in a 737 ;)

I use simbrief to plan my routes beforehand, but one thing I’ve noticed - ETOPS diversions are very vague.

How would you fly a diversion in order to refuel? Would you include the airport in your FPL, or divert off course to land and refuel?


Divert off course probably.

If it’s in your flight plan LNAV will take you to it.


The whole point of ETOPS is that you are far away from diversion airports.


@Jake_Stopher… MaxSez: See the ETOPStopics in the archive. One Plans for every contingency. Gooday

(Let’s hope FDS Includes ETOPS diverts in the “Global Chart/Nav programming”. Knowing FDS I expect all bases will be covered, Nav wise)


Quite unlikely considering all they have confirmed is LNAV, and have denied that they will include VNAV, and that possibly means other flight planning features won’t be included. Pure speculation though.

btw its ETOPS not ETOP’s


@nicochile2. MaxSez: GOT ME! big “S”, Brain Fart, Fixed… Good show!


Make sure you have ETOPs dispalyed in the map before you generate your briefing if you want to have ETOPs destinations show up in your generated briefing.

Or just make sure you take on the correct amount of fuel or hope you know how to land on water.


A big aspect of this upcoming global update is just getting a foundation V1.0 out there to build on. That isn’t currently going to be a feature. That’s not to say it won’t be worked on at some point maybe. A base product is the focus.


@NEO… MaxSez: Noted. Lots of speculation but nothing concrete on Global “Phases” yet. Lots of unfounded or verified bits and pieces floating around. You comment the most concise statement yet among the rumors & opinions floated by the great unwashed duty expert who rely on their interpretation of rumor and staff hints. Seem we are getting around time for an official Global concept statement and time line of the phases of the Global Grand Scheme? Fore warned & valid expectation give jack a warm and fuzzy. As I said “I expect all bases will be covered”. I didn’t say when. Warm Regards


Problem is, full fuel tanks on a 737 won’t go from CYYC to EGLL

I have landed on water accidentally before… can someone send me a fuel ship?

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Don’t try to cross the Atlantic on a 737. Unless you have like super light weight, you want make it. It is that way regardless of ETOPS. Just stop somwher in Greenland or in Iceland. You don’t need any more tools for that. Just make an FPL to KEF.

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@Jake_Stopher make sure that ETOPS is selected on your map view so you can see your ETOPS options like how it is shown here


I know your going to call me stupid and everything but what’s ETOPS

Here you go.


Thanks alot… I always wondered what ETOPS meant

Engines Turn or Passengers Swim ;)


Sorry, but if correcting someone, it’s only fair:

*it’s, not its


Alright I figured that all out. I guess I’m having some trouble understanding the whole system. Would any of those airports work for a refuelling stop? Or is one better than another?

ETOPS is not about running out of fuel. If you’ve put in enough fuel (the amount simbrief gives you!) you won’t have fuel issues. ETOPS is for engine failure. The ETOPS rating is how long the aircraft can safely fly with 1 engine, so ETOPS 100 means the aircraft can fly 100 minutes on 1 engine, and therefore be a maximum of 100 minutes away from a diversion airport at any one time