ETOPS fuel

Hi everyone, I’ve noticed when i do a long flight example from london to los angeles . Simbrief which is the flight planning tool i used to plan my flight plan sometimes gave me etops fuel and sometimes even on etops flight , it doesnt require any etops fuel. Anybody with a better understanding of this topic can explain to me?

ETOPS basicly means that you can fly more than 90 minutes from an alternate airport depending on where the crossing is being done and how far away from alternate you may requiere extra fuel to be able to make it to a alternate.

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a good example is if you are flying from Oslo to svalbard and have to divert from svalbard the closest alternate is tromsö then to be able to make it to tromsö you would need to be able to fly for 90 more minutes

So basically it means the normal fuel carried onboard without etops fuels wont be enough to travel to that alternate if etops fuel is not added ? Correct me if i am wrong

not normaly you wouldnt add extra ETOPS fuel but it depends on the sircumstanses and where you are flying

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I see. So in this situation the extra fuel needed is to divert to Keflavik airport if i am in the ETOPS zone as i am more than 60 min away from the alternate airport.

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If your flying transatlantic, you should have enough fuel on board to divert

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