Etiquette with Similar topics

Hello all!

I was thinking about making a suggested routes topic with some of my favorite routes, but I know that there are already other topics like that. Would doing that get the topic flagged and/or seem rude even though they would be different routes? Thanks for your input!


Most likely yes. I suggest posting in another topic like the ones you described.


Do you think it’ll be alright if I make a separate topic?

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Probably not. Those topics are created for that reason. It will more than likely get closed.

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Ok thanks y’all!

Not rude at all but I’m pretty sure it’ll get flagged. They’re strict in these parts.

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@MaksimFerguson he knows what topic to put it in, he is asking if he can make a separate topic about it ;).

@MaksimFerguson, I’m not saying it’s what he should do, I’m just saying the question was already answered :).

I said he was asking.

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