Etihad's Boeing 787 Greenliner Revealed

Full livery revealed!

Imo, I like it.

But… it’s a 787-10. The concept design looks like a 787-9…


Time to make a feature request!

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I love this livery don’t know why something special that make my eye go “🤩!”

And now that I see the livery, it looks stunning!

Hmm. Neat.

My eyes kinda go the opposite…

It’s actually quite a nice livery - very pleasant to the eyes

I quite like this livery alot! Probably my favourite apart from the F1 and standard new livery… I like the minty green.

It looks like a flying mint!


I feel cold and want to exhale really loudly…


I feel like flagging that for spam. (I won’t)

I always love the exquisite liveries on the 787, they are all beautiful!

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Guys, what’s more important than the livery is the cause. More airlines need to follow what airlines such as Etihad and JetBlue are doing.

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Timelapse paint

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To KLM, biodegradable fuel is nothing special, but I guess congratulations on you achievement Etihad! 🤷‍♂️

I like it personally. But then again, I’ve painted some parts of my house those colors. Lol

The colors in this are unique, I don’t understand why this amazing livery gets so much hate. Honestly, in my opinion, if you dislike the colors of this livery then you most likely have a bad sense of artistic designs.

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That livery is absolutely beautiful. That should be included on IF and I say that with passion.

I’m not sure I like the blend… I hope it is just my computer screen, and not what it is actually! I hope that it looks better in real life! I might just have to see it in real life!

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