Etihad's Boeing 787 Greenliner Revealed

Greenliner, not Dreamliner.

Etihad and Boeing are partnering to explore ‘blue sky’ opportunities to cut CO2 emissions.

Through this partnership, the two companies will:

  • Introduce a special-themed Etihad 787-10 featuring a blended green-blue design.
  • This Etihad “Greenliner” will be introduced early next year.
  • This Greenliner will operate throughout Etihad’s nextwork while performing test measures.
  • Etihad plans to operate flights using special fuel compounds such as the biofuel it created from saltwater-tolerant plants on one of its flights to Amsterdam in January 2019.

Gotta say, I love what Etihad has been doing lately with its special liveries. Really bringing the aircraft’s color to life:

The Etihad 787 Greenliner (Images by Etihad)

Basic video summation if anyone’s interested:

Press Release:


Oh 🤮

The blue was really nice and the green is 🤢


Beautiful plane.

I like this new initiative, not the livery, but the plans of reducing pollution in the air using alternative fuel.

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The livery is nice, I’d love to see them add some kind of fish in the blue, a land animal of UAE in the green, and some kind of bird in the whitish area. Just little silhouettes to bring the biodiversity to life!

(Edit) Also, congratulations to Etihad and Boeing on this partnership, I’d love to see some more Airlines and Manufacturers do the same!


I like this livery. Plus great to see Etihad and Boeing working together.

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I always love how Etihad makes combos with their geometric tail and the design colors. Amazing initiative anyways!

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I like the idea, just not the livery 😤


The design quite nice, but the color though (It’s not a great choice)

I swear I must be the only one who think this livery looks sick.


i do not like the color makes me feel sick 🤮

The livery is ok I guess…

I like the Man City blue better

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I don’t like it.

I feel that now all they’re doing is making special liveries that look exactly the same, except the colours are different. It’s just too plain to me, and not appealing as it looks too similar to most of their special liveries.

It’s an amazing livery!

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I don’t see what’s soo bad about this livery.

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Same here. Hate it…

I’m not gonna lie - for once - I actually quite like it.

Nope, I think so too!

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First few images of the Greenliner!

From @cassidysvacay on Twitter


Looks more blue to me than green. IMHO, they could have used a ‘more’ green shade. Anyway, nice to see this initiative happen.

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