Etihad won't take their A380 TO BOGOTA

Etihad tested its A380 on a potential new route to Bogota yesterday morning.

A specially ferried A380 LEFT SKBO on its way to OMAA on a calm late morning.

Outside temperature was 14°C, with 1kt tail wind, and eventhough the 13L runway is more than 13.000ft long, the maximum takeoff weight was limited to 490.000kg, mainly because of the high pressure altitude (8.354ft), and the even higher density altitude (10.156ft).

The maximum altitude for the first step of the 7.500nm flight would normaly have been 35.000ft, but very high temp over columbia and the pacific ocean required the flight to start at 33.000ft only (-39°C expected @ 33.000ft and nearly the same @ 35.000ft, which is about 15°C above ISA).

TOGA was the only option to bring the plane up and on its way, with a %N1 calculated @ 96.6 given the altitude and temperature, with an expected take off roll of nearly 8.000ft.

Brakes off, and 63 seconds later, the majestic A380 leaves the ground!

After about 16 minutes climb, it reaches its first step, then an hour later climbs again to 35.000ft and will reach OMAA 13 hours later.

Why won’t we see that again? Because the A380 would carry a maximum of about 380 people, which would not yield any revenue…

Happy flying


Has this taken place Etihad test flight to Bogota on A380?

I can’t find a reference of this flight.

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No, I have made it all up to test the aircraft on a high airport! ;)

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;)) Thanks for clarifying that, cos apparently Emirates/Etihad did explore the possibility of flying direct to Bogota from their hubs.
Nice thread 😎

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Ah, wow, thanks! I am happy I inventend something which kind of happened. And it is nice to feel how slow the speed rises up there with a heavy plane!

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Emirates will be flying to Bogota soon from Dubai but because of elevation the flight will stop in Miami so it will go DXB → MIA → BOG and vice versa the way back


Ah man I love Bogota! Hopefully this is real sometime soon!

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Thanks for that. It obviously makes sense, economically.

I have never been there but this is where I test all commercial aircrafts in IF. I wish I could visit IRL one day!

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