Etihad Virtual is Recruiting Pilots!

Hello! This is @PlanesForLife with Etihad Virtual IF! As you may know, Etihad Virtual has been released yesterday, and we are excited to announce we are now officially recruiting pilots. @AdamCallow and I will be Recruting. I will issue the Written Test, and Adam will issue the Practical Test, but I can assist. Please PM me or reply down below if you want to become an Etihad Virtual Pilot. If you do not have Live, please do not contact us. Just fill out the form (down below). If you haven’t filled out the form, please do so. The form is down below for your convenience.


-Grade 3
-Most not be in more than 3 VAs (Meaning EVIF is your 4th VA)


@Russian chat here about the form :)

Could you give me a login as I’m pilot manager ty

You have to fill out the form.

Oh, by the way, the form isn’t private, you have to click on it.

So far we have 5 pilots signed up! Keep it up!

@AdarshIndia, here is the form …

@PlanesForLife why is live username a must

it shouldn’t be …

I clicked continue without live username but it shows that u have to enter

I did none but nothing happened

Just write “Don’t Have One”

Ok i will try

I did it @PlanesForLife

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So did u check for confirming

Okay, within 24 hours you should be accepted, but you will need to go through testing!

Ok thx fingers crossed that i get it

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Should i change my VA affiliation to Etihad VA now?

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Yes, if you want to.

U do know u haven’t updated your profile