Etihad Virtual Infinite Flight! Official Launch!

#Welcome to Etihad Virtual Infinie Flight (EVIF)
Welcome to Etihad Virtual Infinite Flight! Etihad IFVA is a lively VA, founded on September 3rd 2016, making us the first VA in 9/16! Although there was a previous EIFVA last year, that VA had ceased operations, and ever since, EIFVA hasn’t been recreated. Our Call signs are ETD (Example, ETD01 or ETD030).

##Our Wesbite/Email

[Etihad Virtual Home Page] (

[About Etihad Virtual] (


##Our Fleet

Etihad Virtual has an expansive fleet, the Airbus A380 to the Airbus A321.


##Our Partners

Here at Etihad Virtual, we enjoy partnering with other VAs. We don’t just partner with any VA however. To be as realistic as possible, we partner with only the real life airlines. Our Current Partners are American Airlines VA, Virgin Australia VA and Alitalia VA!

##Our Mission


Although we are brand new, we still are very lively. We have a group of 6 staff members, and are growing day by day. Our goal is to become a 5 star VA, within the next month.

Here at Etihad VA, we want to be as active as possible, hence the reason we limited the number VAs both are
pilots and staff are in.

Here at Etihad VA, we want to make sure our passengers have an amazing flight. To do so, we have the option for pilots to request certain pilots. Unlike most VAs who only rely on which pilot is availabe, Etihad is different. We make sure you get your first choice, worst comes to worst your second choice.

Here at Etihad VA, we make sure we have the most experienced pilots. Our standard come with Grade 3 Pilots, and we test our pilots both with a written and practical exam. If they succeed, the still undergo training. If they don’t success, they will endure training until they succeed.

These are unofficial VA’s within Infinite Flight and are not run by the official airlines.

##Our Members

Here at Etihad IFVA, we currently have 6 staff members.

@EtihadAirways - Founder
@PlanesForLife - CEO
@jjt0909 - Head Moderator/Developer
@Wren_Jago - Pilot Manager
@The_Greatest_Basket - Route Manager
@AdamCallow - Tester/Recruiter

##Our Routes

@The_Greatest_Basket, our Route Manager is currently creating routes for our website! Stay tune for more information!

##Book A Flight

Starting Monday, September 5th, you will be able to Book Flights!

##Track Us

It is very simple to track us! visit our website, and live flight will be embedded into our website, and it will be specified for our callsign! (ETD)

##Join Us

To join us, please make sure you meet the requirements!

###For Pilots:

Only 3 Other VAs (Meaning EVIF is your 4th VA)
Active Every Week!

###For Staff:

Only 4 Other VAs (Meaning EVIF is your 5th VA)
Active Every Week!

##Contact Us!

We prefer you send us a [Contact Us Form] ( but a PM is alright.

##Thank you, and we’ll see you in the skies!


How do you guys like the website?

Very nice and professional

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Love the originality!


Thanks! I was hoping more people would join …

Thank you!

Very nice website! I wish I would join, but I’m also starting my own VA. :)
#Best of luck though!

Invite me @PlanesForLife

You can be in multiple VAs!

Oh, good to know! Thanks for the info! I’ll consider it

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How about Etihad Cargo for the 777-200f and A332F? I would certainly join if you have that :)

Please apply for a pilot position. Yes, we were considering that!

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Is it ok if I can only fly about once or twice a week? Since I’ve got school etc.

Yes, but make sure to show up at MOST events. They are held on Saturdays (or Sundays).

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I haven’t gotten any applications get. Who would like to join?

I Wanted to join but…

  1. 6k XP from Grade 3
  2. Helping @SingaporeAirlines create Thai VA

You can be in multiple VAs…

Yet I’ll be doing TnGs I’ll join when I reach grade 3

Okay, cool!

You can still apply now, and go through testing!