Etihad Virtual Airways Recruitment Event! @ EBBR - 262000ZMAR17 (Cancelled due to merger with frontier)

Server: Training

Region: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Airport: EBBR-EHAM

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: *Join us for our second recruitment event! Here at etihad we strive for our pilots,we want the best experience for all! Spawn in at EBBR, I ETD305 will be the lead aircraft, we will cruise at FL390 or 39’000 Feet at mach 0.86! Follow the flight plan to EHAM and take screenshots at parking! *


Callsign: Use ETD Followed by 3 or 4 Numbers! (Ex. ETD1922)

Please comment below for a gate please!
Parking 120:Cpt_Chris
Parking 122:
Parking 124:
Parking 126:
Parking 136:
Parking 138:
Parking 140:
Parking 142
Parking 143
Parking 144
Parking 145
Parking 146:
Parking 147
Parking 148:
Parking 149
Parking 150:

Remember, you dont need to be in the VA to join in the event, this is simply a recruitment, thank you best regards -Cpt_Chris!