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Etihad Airways Virtual was founded by @Amaar_Viqar in 2018 & since then it has been a popular VA on IFC. After 2 years of inactivity, now in 2021, we (as a team) with the same ambition & dedication decided to bring the VA back to life again.

Here at Etihad Airways Virtual, we promise to deliver excellent service to the member of IFC joining our VA. We wish to make this VA one of the leading VA under the IFVARB & Infinite Flight Community.
With new routes, more codeshares & redesigned IFATC Schedule, we will feature the new experience of flying here!

Our main focus will be the 3 day event every week which are mentioned below:
Thursday - Fly Etihad: where we will fly to exciting destinations flown by Etihad Airways,
Saturday - Codeshare Day: where we will feature unique routes from our Codeshare Database &
Sunday - After Dark Flight: where members who cannot join the other two events due to time constraints may wish to join group flights during late-night hours.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us & help us become the Best VA on Infinite Flight Community…

Senior Executives

Staff VA Designation
@Omkar_Rathi Chief Executive Officer [CEO]
@Mayank_Pawar Chief Operating Officer [COO]
Reserved Head of Internal Affairs [HIA]
@Captainflight Head of External Affairs [HEA]


Staff VA Designation
Recruiting HR Manager [HRM]
@KCAviation Routes Manager [RM]
@minimaster Events Manager [EM]
Recruiting Media Manager [MD]
Recruiting Flight Instructor [FI]
Recruiting VA Moderator [VM]

Etihad Airways Virtual Presents you with 2 modes to choose from. With these 2 modes, you can choose to follow any model and fly non-stop with us. The modes are as follows:

Here pilots will have a basic structure to follow & grow within the VA. As you fly with us, you will earn your flight hours and unlock new routes & aircraft as you you rank up! Also, pilots may wish to participate in our exclusive events which will be hosted 3 times a week (see Our Mission Section above for more). Flying events in a group will earn you pilot rewards & extra multipliers! As you rank up, you will be crowned as the Elite Member of Etihad Airways Virtual.

Here pilots will follow a structured outline of routes by Etihad Airways & Codeshare Airlines. This will unlock after a certain rank & special multiples will be provided. These routes will be hand-picked by our staff. It’s basically hopping on & off all major destinations across the globe. For Example: OMAA - LTFM - EGLL & so on.

Etihad Airways Main Hub: Abu Dhabi International Airport [OMAA]

Our Fleet

We have an excellent fleet of aircraft to choose from, which unlocks the capability to fly anywhere around the world. Our Codeshare Airlines will also enable us to fly to destinations never flown before!

Our Etihad Airbus A330F, A340 & A380 will be available to Etihad Elite Members Only.

Our Discord

Etihad Airways Virtual uses an application called Discord for all internal communications. It’s a great way for pilots from all over the world to exchange conversations for getting to know each other, share stories, and even plan a group flight. Also, we use it to keep everyone informed about things going on (For Example # announcements, # ROTW & many more) in the VA community.


For all external communications, we use the Infinite Flight Community to update our community members. Follow our IFC Account to keep in touch & for more latest updates!

Your Requirements

Must be 13 years or above.
Purchased an Infinite Flight Pro subscription.
Not blacklisted by the IFVARB.
Must be at least Grade 3 or above.
Must fly once every month.
Able to download & use Discord (for Communication Purposes).


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Etihad Virtual Airways® owns the right of all logos & images used here.
Etihad Virtual Airways is NOT affiliated with the Real - World Airline & shall ONLY be used for Infinite Flight simulation.
The Codeshare above is the same as that of the real world. However, Etihad Virtual Codeshares are nowhere related to that of the Real - World Codeshares.
Major thanks to @ran for his tremendous effort in helping us with the website & the thread!. Also thanks to @mafiaviation and the IFVARB team for setting us up and helping us.
This VA is regulated by IFVARB.

EYV Approved & Started on: May 06, 2021
Status: Active as of June 26, 2021


Glad to be part of the VA!!

Very nice thread! Congratulations on your approval, best of luck to you guys!

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Wow, amazing thread! Congrats on the approval! :D

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This thread looks amazing! Well done to Etihad Virtual and congrats on approval!

One of the best VAs in IFC
Congratulations my friends @Sharan.Somayaji and @Omkar_Rathi
I wish both of you best of luck with the VA
Can’t wait to start hopping with EY livery and make the VA grow at the speed of sound!


Beautiful thread! Great work!


One of the best thread out there on IFC. Congratulations on approval @Etihad_Virtual! We are proud to be partners with you guys. Hope to continue the ame bond or even strengthen it in future 😊

Raveesh Yadav
Vice President
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Congrats on approval @Etihad_Virtual! I’m sure your VA will boom in the future.

-Will (Founder and CEO of Boeing Virtual)


Very nice thread! We are glad to be one of your partners!

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Saudia Virtual


@Sharan.Somayaji Wow, nice one mate! All the best with the new VA!


Only a few know how much we have waited for this😉


It was an honor to help build an host the crew center for you all. Great job with the customization, by the way :)

Great thread! Best wishes for the future!


That should remain a secret otherwise many will get into trouble

Glad to have you too!

Thank you!

Thank you:)

Thank you very much!

Thankyou! Glad to have you as a part of our VA!

Thanks a lot:)

Thank you! Glad to be partners with Jet Airways Virtual

Thank you very much! Good luck to Boeing Virtual too!

Thank you! Glad to be partners with you too!

Thank you very much, mate!

Thank you! haha

Thank you:) It is a pleasure to use it too!


Finally Approved! 🤩


Nice thread !


Nice thread, great work!

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Amazing thread! Wish you all the best with everything!

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Amazing thread, well done to everyone involved and I wish ye all the best in the future!

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