Etihad takes delivery of it's 10th and final Airbus A380

So I just found out yesterday that Etihad Airways has taken their final a380 into their fleet. One of the most customisable aircraft in the world and still today.


That website though 😂. They need to redo their whole navigation on that website as it’s so bad.


Why their last?!? They could always use it to fly into TNCM :)

@Balloonchaser I do not think you can get an A380 to TNCM:
a) space
b) how do they use it? Direct AUH-SXM? Don’t think so

Only 10? I though they had a lot more… damn. I think the A380 came 10-15 theirs too early. Right now there just isn’t enough demand.


So this is news because? I can see talking about an airlines first one delivered or the last 707 (bit late for that) delivered ever or something like that. But an airlines last A380 delivered isn’t news.

For all we know 6 of them could blow up and Etihad needs to buy more.

What exactly is the difference between the last 707 delivered and the last A-380 delivered to a fleet? Doesn’t seem like the brightest statement said.
Anyways, I’m surprised Emirates doesn’t have more tbh, considering the profit they make (which obviously can’t buy many 380’s), haha

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They need to keep a couple available to fly into KNUC, though.


The ETD A388 looks so beautiful, hope it’ll be around for a long time :)

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@mbmhwue148 I hope so to!

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Sad to see such a nice plane already slowing down so quickly. At least the a380 is being replaced by the beautiful a350 <3


Emirates said not for them ;)

Ugh I hate those websites that try to look like iOS. I thought Etihad had more orders? They have a great cabin.

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